High School Special Education Director

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Special Education

Must hold a license issued by Utah State Office of Education.
The license must be in one of the following types: Special Education (K-12+) (Level 1), Special Education (K-12+) (Level 2), Special Education (K-12+) (Level 3), Special Education (K-12+) (ARL).
The license position area must be in Special Education (General).
The license status must be active or about to graduate from a state-approved teacher preparation program.


High School Special Education Director Needed Walden School of Liberal Arts is looking for a qualified, caring individual to guide Special Education programming at our small charter high school (approximately 140 students, 20% of whom are served by IEP accommodations). We are dedicated to an inclusive model of education and strive to ensure that all students are treated as valuable, capable members of our high school community. If you are a visionary who understands the importance of inclusion and can help us to train and support our teachers to provide differentiated instruction for all students, then you are an excellent fit for Walden.

School Overview: Walden School of Liberal Arts is a public, tuition free, K-12 charter school located in Provo, Utah. We strive to provide an engaging, inclusive, academically challenging, student-centered environment. Our program is based around two internationally celebrated educational models that prepare students to thrive in a global community—Montessori for grades K-5, and International Baccalaureate for grades 6-12. All “Waldenites” are inspired to think deeply and creatively as they celebrate and explore the extraordinary world around them.

Walden Mission Statement: Walden is a place where social, emotional and academic growth are valued equally—a place where students see possibilities, make meaningful choices, take risks, and emerge with a stronger sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. It is a place where critical thought, creativity, and independence are nurtured; where empathy, cultural awareness and tolerance are valued. Our purpose is to develop capable, globally-minded citizens who are dedicated to making positive contributions to society.

Responsibilities and Duties • Be a fierce advocate for student-centered learning, student choice, empowerment, and inclusion • Participate in and provide professional development • Work alongside the high school director and the school board on all legal issues related to special education policies, procedures, and services • Advise parents and staff and provide information regarding special education and related services • Work with students and their teachers to write meaningful and supportive IEPs • Demonstrate ability to set ambitious goals with students with data-supported evidence • Attend all IEP and evaluation meetings (approximately 20 students). • Work with co-director to monitor special education evaluation, reevaluation, and annual IEP compliance • Regularly review special education and intervention data to inform programmatic changes and supports to improve our academic program • Collaborate with and supervise teachers to monitor the implementation of all IEP services • Secure and monitor contract personnel as needed for the provision of psychological services, speech therapy services, occupational therapy, physical therapy and related services • Coordinate student testing and ensure necessary accommodations are implemented • In conjunction with the human resources coordinator, monitor certification, licensure, insurance appropriate for special education staff and paraprofessionals • In conjunction with the budget manager, monitor all budgetary submissions and maintenance of revisions to grants • Complete any state required reports for grades 9-12 • Coordinate extended school-year services for grades 9-12 • Develop and maintain complete and cumulative individual records of all students receiving special education services • Collaborate with leadership, teachers, and other staff to foster a positive work environment • Interpret and understand data to inform instruction and other practices • Perform other duties as required • Teach some essential elements courses for handful of IEP students either in a push in model or pull out.

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