International Baccalaureate (IB) Program and Site Testing Coordinator (STC)

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LOCATION: James Monroe High School 



SALARY:Placement on teacher salary scale depends on education and experience with a maximum level of Step 10.  National Board Certification stacks onto Educational Level Obtained - $2,000. 


BEGINNING DATE:July 27, 2020  


CONTACT PERSON:Allison Erickson, Personnel Secretary – Ext. 2610 




NOTE:Fredericksburg City Public School Division is an equal opportunity employer.  Therefore, it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, political affiliation, gender, age, marital status, or disability in its educational programs or employment.  No person shall be denied employment solely because of any impairment which is unrelated to the ability to engage in activities involved in the position or program for which application has been made. 



TITLE: International Baccalaureate (IB) Program and Site Testing Coordinator (STC)



· Master’s degree preferred with specialization in education, administrative, or related fields.

· At least five years of relevant teaching experience required, IB experience preferred.

· Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with school stakeholders.

· Experience in implementing the principles and current trends in education, curriculum, IB program, staff development, essential elements of instruction, and supervision.

· Personal qualities associated with good human relations and interpersonal relations.

· Possess qualities in shared decision-making skills in order to be an effective member of the Leadership Team.

· Ability to lead staff toward instructional improvement and conduct training sessions.

· Demonstrate a high level of commitment and professionalism.

· Ability to attend to details, prioritize, meet deadlines, and work effectively under pressure.

· Fluency in both written and spoken English.

· Organizational and planning skills necessary; proficiency in Excel preferred.



The IB (DP, MYP, PYP)/ Site Test Coordinator is a position of responsibility within the school and division and requires academic overview of the curriculum to implement the program. They report to the supervisor(s) and principal(s). The coordinator role is an essential leadership position and is key to success of the IB programs and school assessments. He/she is tasked with working with colleagues to ensure that the curricular objectives through the IB framework are met and standardized testing is carried out according to state mandates and school schedules. The duties comprise a wide range of responsibilities including, but are not limited to, the following:


· Fulfills the coordinator’s role and ensures compliance per the IB published relevant documents such as; From principles into practice and complies with Programme standards and practices as well as the testing implementation documentation associated with required tests.

· Fulfills actions as described in FCPS IB documents such as the action plan and other relevant documents published by the IB or FCPS as well as those necessary to execute standardized tests.

· Attends appropriate official IB training.

· Acts as the liaison between the schools and the IB.

· Prepares and submits documentation for authorization and evaluation.

· Coordinates visits for authorization and evaluation.

· Encourages compliance of students with requirements of the projects, Eassessment, and certification when applicable.

· Coordinates payment of required fees related to IB membership, testing, and other professional organizations (i.e. IBMA).

· Communicates with other coordinators in the district to;

· align programmes vertically.

· prepare students for all future options.

· create, revise and distribute FCPS IB handbook.

· Advises stakeholders on program requirements.

· Assist in the recruitment and selection of students which includes the development of parent meetings, application process, timeline for admission, development of appeal process

· Prepares and shares promotional materials, such as handouts and brochures that provide information to stakeholders.

· Implements standardized testing in the school according to DOE regulations while providing as many testing opportunities for students as possible.

· Coordinates and conducts informational programs for stakeholders including,

· introduction to scholars new to program.


· Meets regularly with principals and supervisor to craft vision, provide budget input and plan details for implementation.

· Works closely with directors, administrators and other coordinators to plan, implement and progress in program.

· Works with project liaisons, department chairs and instructional coaches to support teachers.

· Acts as a conduit between staff and administrators for concerns and suggestions related to the IB program and testing.

· Shares with information technology department needs and requirements of IB and testing.

· Works with financial secretaries to request and manage necessary supplies and other financial matters such as training and fees.

· Advises counseling department on scheduling.

· Makes relevant information available to staff including IB publications, program updates, testing plans and assessment procedures.

· Monitors needs of stakeholders and facilities to meet the implementation plan.

· Distribute testing expectations and information to all stakeholders in a timely fashion.



· Ensures official training requirements are met.

· Organizes professional development, training, and support of staff’s growth in the IB and testing framework.

· Records training evidence and collects necessary security and tracking documents for testing.

· Identifies needs of stakeholders and coordinates supports to meet those needs.

· Monitors internal and external professional development opportunities to help support IB implementation.

· Assists attendees of training, workshops and professional development in sharing back information acquired.

· Orientates new staff to the IB framework.



· Plans, supports and adjusts development of the curriculum with the support of instruction, administrators and department leads.

· Monitors documentation of subject group overviews and unit planners.

· Guides faculty through planning, vertical and horizontal articulation and approaches to learning integration.

· Supports practitioners and scholars in the delivery of the program.

· Provides instructional support through a coaching model.

· Monitors educational resources to inform the ongoing development and support of the program.

· Perpetuates the learner profile with all stakeholders and in all school sites.

· Encourages international-mindedness.

· Identifies opportunities for interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

· Identifies opportunities for service learning.



· Request grades for internal assessments, and the development of internal school deadlines. Also ensuring that group 1 and 2 oral examinations are properly conducted.

· Monitor the construction and delivery of the Theory of Knowledge course

· Advise students on subject selections and inform students about IB Diploma Program General Regulations.

· Ensure that candidate records are accurate and up-to-date.

· Facilitate?the transfer of IB assessment results to colleges and universities

· Assist candidates in the design of a CAS program and serve as the liaison for organizations that may assist in CAS activities

· Assist in the development of parental support for the IB program, goals, and the development of communication with parents. This includes keeping parents informed on student work, CAS requirements, and the demands of the IB program. Encourage the need for volunteers to help with activities.

· Inform extended essay coordinators and students about the guidelines and assessment criteria for the extended essay requirement. This includes the selection of topics and the extended essay mailing deadline.

· Develop and facilitate proper examination procedures including location, security, technology use, and submittal procedures. Also includes a description of timeline for receiving results

· Develop the diploma awarding ceremony and program

· Develop a process to maintain contact with graduates to promote success rates, scholarships and university entrance.


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