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The Director/Principal is the leader in the school. He or she defines the culture and sets the tone for the school. The Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations and fulfills the role of the traditional LEA Superintendent and the building principal.

Vision The Director is responsible for executing the vision of the school and ensuring that the school is meeting the objectives outlined in the charter and others established by the Board and administration.

School Leader The director leads the school by 1. Empowering teachers and faculty in their respective roles to facilitate student achievement consistent with the vision and objectives of the school. 2. Observing, managing, and evaluating teachers, staff, and other administrative and staff positions. 3. Overseeing school budgets and prioritizing school initiatives. 4. Communicating and otherwise representing the school to the community. 5. Ensuring compliance with state and federal laws, regulations, and school policies. 6. Hiring faculty and staff that will support The Academy's vision and objectives. 7. Taking responsibility for the achievement and performance of The Academy.

Director’s primary responsibility will be to enroll the school, set and maintain an environment conducive to learning, and establish a positive educational environment for The Academy.

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