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Provide direct and indirect instruction;

Prepare students adequately for any assessments they will be taking.

Evaluate student progress and make adjustments appropriately for instruction.

Create a pleasant, inviting, exciting, innovative learning environment.

Maintain a positive environment including engaging in appropriate and effective classroom management in accordance with the school's procedures and policies.

Use various, creative and effective instruction methods and learning resources when assisting in the learning of students

Accommodate students with IEP's as required; recognize learning problems and make referrals as needed and appropriate.

Accept and incorporate feedback and coaching from administration, parent/teacher/student surveys and evaluation results.

Model and ensure proper learning strategies and techniques for students.

Become versed in basic technology that you will be using in your class(es)

Create long and short term planning goals with use of state standards as a guideline for instruction as well as implementing and utilizing the Individual Education Map for each student.

Help students keep and maintain their Dynamic Portfolio.

Show flexibility in altering the nature of your position, if needed, after a joint discussion with the director.

Evaluation and Reporting

Keep in constant contact with parents about their child in accordance with the school's procedures and policies.

Prepare individual progress reports in accordance with the school's procedures and timelines for doing so.

Have the ability to evaluate assessments and other various measurements of achievement for better instruction.

Keep accurate, up to date and frequent records of student performance, growth and progress throughout the year.

Meet with parents as required to understand issues, make decisions and become and share information on their child.

Adhere to and respect confidentiality of records and information regarding students parents and teachers in accordance with accepted professional ethics and state and federal laws (FERPA).

Professional Development

Maintain and enrich expertise in the subject area you will be teaching. Attend professional development opportunities for subject area enrichment, deeper knowledge, new skills, as well as other areas of improvement.

Attend workshops, seminars, conferences and/or advanced course work at institutions of higher learning as assigned or if the opportunity arises.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Become an advisor to students for one or more projects being done outside your normal classroom. (ie: project-based learning, service projects, activities, field trips etc.)

Take the necessary precautions to protect students (in accordance with state and federal law, board policy and school procedure), equipment, materials and the facility.

Oversee and assist mentors, instructors and support personnel and other staff working under the direction of you as the teacher.

Provide feedback to the director on mentors working with you; as well as special education teacher for special education aides assigned to your classroom when the information is requested or appropriate.

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Student Teacher Ratio*

State Average: 22.85

% ELL Students*

State Average: 6.61

% IEP Students*

State Average: 12%


State Average: 338