Elementary Assistant Principal

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SALARY INFORMATION: Level 11 ($70,787 - $95,770)

FTE: 1.0
JOB CODE: 3085

POSITION TYPE: Replacement  
LOCATION: Thornton, CO

JOB SUMMARY: Assist the Principal in the administration of the elementary school, including but not limited to, developing and enforcing policies related to student discipline and attendance; planning, organizing and implementing curriculum; hiring, supervising, evaluating and assisting with dismissing personnel; monitoring and enforcing building safety and security; assisting in planning and implementing student programs; and assisting in the development and implementation of the school improvement plan.

NECESSARY SKILLS AND BACKGROUND: Master's degree plus additional coursework required to obtain a Colorado Principal License. Minimum of three years of teaching experience. Colorado Principal License. Classified Employee and Certified Employee Evaluation Training Certificates required within six month after hire. Excellent interpersonal relations and oral and written communication skills. Strong decision making, analytical and organizational skills. Advanced skill in dealing with students and staff with diverse needs at various levels. Intermediate to advanced knowledge of and ability to develop, monitor and evaluate curriculum, discipline plans and supervision/safety plans (RDPs). Basic microcomputer and software skills.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Develop, implement and maintain discipline policies and procedures. Develop, implement and monitor attendance policies and procedures. Plan, organize and implement curriculum and instruction in accordance with District and state guidelines and procedures. Develop and maintain relationships with parents and community to encourage and value their participation in the learning experience of the whole child. Assist in the management of human resources, including hiring, supervising, evaluating and assisting with dismissing personnel. Monitor safety and security of the building. Respond timely to building security and maintenance needs. Assist in program planning and implementation for recipient groups (e.g., gifted and talented, ELL, non-categorical, special education, at-risk, etc.). Assist in the development and implementation of the school improvement plan, including staff development. Assist in implementing and gathering student data. Participate in personal professional growth opportunities. Perform other duties as assigned.