Middle School Dean of Students 2020-2021

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  • Five or more years teaching and/or administration experience.
  • Valid Principal’s license.
  • Master’s degree or higher.
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as Paragon may find appropriately acceptable.

REPORTS TO:  Principal

WORKS CLOSELY WITH:  Assistant Athletic Director, Counselor(s), support staff and other staff members
                                                   Paradise Schools may designate.
JOB GOAL:  To assist the Principal substantially and effectively in the task of providing leadership in
                        developing, achieving and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services for
                        our students.
                        The Dean of Students works collaboratively with the Principal, Curriculum Instructional
                        Specialist, Counselor and support staff to lead, facilitate and oversee the student support and
                        extracurricular programs across PHMS.
  • Work collaboratively with the principals to create, facilitate and oversee student opportunities as indicated in the student handbook.  (e.g. Pride-Time, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, Panther Plus, Pathways, Middle School Athletics, Extra Curricular Clubs, Grade-Level or Club Extracurricular Field Trips, Extracurricular events, Supply Fee, One-to-one Chromebook Program, Student Academic Competitions).
  • Works collaboratively with principal, CIS, and teachers to implement Response to Intervention Program (RTI). As part of the RTI program, the Dean of Students would be responsible to coordinate and implement Title I & Title IV services and evaluate the effectiveness of intervention programs. 
  • Work with principal & parent liaison to facilitate parent involvement and communication.
  • Serves as a case manager for all students that have a 504 plan.  Facilitates 504 meetings with staff and ensures annual review is completed.
  • Works with the principal to serve as “Administrative Designee” for IEP meetings, as needed.
  • Collaborates with counseling and teachers to organize student schedules.
  • Works collaboratively with the building principal to implement the code of conduct found within the student handbook. This includes issuing the discipline consequences and procedures as described within the handbook.
  • Collaborates with the principal to organize and oversee student accountability programs. (e.g Academic Supports, Improvement Plans, Academic Probation, No Pass No Play, Request for Assistance Process, Tiered Tardy Consequences, and Attendance Plans)
  • Collaborates with the principal to organize and implement Paradise Schools Middle School Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Keeps informed on the latest research, trends, and developments in all areas of education.
  • Plays a significant leadership role in fostering professional growth and building staff morale for Paradise Schools.
  • Assists in the preparation and administration of the budget.
  • Keeps informed of and interprets all laws, regulations, statutes, rules, and policies affecting Paradise Schools.
  • Consults with staff members about school departmental problems and the implementation of governing board policies and administrative rules.
  • Communicates to the Principal the requirements and needs of Paradise Schools as perceived by staff members.
  • Attends governing body meetings and prepares such reports for the governing body as the Executive Director may request.
  • Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as Paradise Schools may from time to time assign.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  211 days per year.  Hours per contract.
EVALUATION:  At least annually by Principals