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Physical Education/Health
Substitute Teacher

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This position will be for 6-8 weeks during this school year. The middle school Health teacher also teaches elementary P.E. rotations in the afternoon You will be assisted, but responsible for planning and conducting lesson plans.

JOB DESCRIPTION: TEACHER Charter Academy Teachers are the primary actors in helping students become motivated learners with the skills to succeed in life. Teachers manage all aspects of their respective classrooms, including physical facilities and student behavior, teach exciting and differentiated lessons that engage all students with the goal of the academic and social success of each individual student, evaluate student performance and report regularly to parents, and build their skills consistently to improve their performance and professionalism. Classroom Management • Develop, in accordance with Charter guidelines and policy, reasonable rules of classroom behavior and appropriate techniques that are consistently applied. • Take necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities. • Share responsibility during the school day for the supervision of students in all areas of the school, including pick-up and drop-off, assemblies, field trips, and other responsibilities as assigned. • Provide for the supervision of assigned students when circumstances require a brief absence from the assignment. Classroom Instruction • Plan and implements a program of instruction that adheres to Charter philosophy, goals and objectives as outlined in academic program and the Utah State Core. • Make purposeful and appropriate lesson plans that provide for effective teaching strategies and that engage all students. • Plan and implement a differentiated program of study designed to meet needs of each individual student. • Create a classroom environment conducive to learning by employing a variety of appropriate teaching techniques and methods, including direct instruction, guided practice, cooperative learning, and hands-on activities. • Use reflection, innovation, and creativity when designing instruction. Ensure that activities and instruction are tied to relevant and meaningful outcomes. Promote the ability of students to articulate what they are learning and why at any point in the learning process. • Make use of all available resources, using the provided texts as only one among many sources. • Prepare substitute folder containing appropriate information as required by the director. • Plan and oversee purposeful assignments for aides and volunteers as needed. • Accommodate students with IEPs as required. • Recognize learning problems and make referrals as appropriate. • Demonstrate a strong grasp of subject matter. Evaluation and Reporting • Evaluate accomplishments of students on a regular basis using multiple assessment methods such as teacher made tests, samples of students' work, criterion-referenced tests , norm-referenced tests, and other methods. • Keep an accurate, up-to-date record of student performance and progress throughout the year. • Meet with parents formally twice per year, and on an ongoing basis as needed, requested, or assigned. • Provide progress and interim reports as required or as requested by parents or school administration. • Use effective oral and written communication. • Respect the confidentiality of records and information regarding students, parents, and teachers in accordance with accepted professional ethics, and state and federal laws. Professionalism • Uphold and enforce board policy, administrative procedures, and school rules and regulations, and be supportive of such in your communications with students, parents, and the public at large. • Maintain appropriate work habits, including regular and punctual attendance and appropriate use of conference and planning time.

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Lakeview Academy

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