Extended School Year 2020-External

Posted 2 months ago
Start Date


Staff Dates and Times:

June 3 - June 30     Kirk School 9:00-12:00
June 3 - June 30     Miner School  9:00-12:00
June 3 - June 30     Timber Ridge School 9:00-12:00
June 12 - July 10     DHH/Elementary & Middle School  9:00-12:00                               
June 12- July 10      DHH/Hersey High School 9:00-12:00

Staff Rates:
Similar to last year, through the use of Time and Attendance, staff will be paid hourly for ESY.  Staff’s pay will be based upon the times worked listed above as well as the hours for which you are in attendance at the orientation for your program. 


Non-NSSEO Staff   Year 1 Year 2 Years 3-4 Years 5+ 
Teachers $34.52/hr $35.54/hr $38.26/hr $40.17/hr
Related Services $43.02/hr $43.02/hr $43.02/hr $43.02/hr
Aides   $15.97/h $16.44/hr $17.43/h $18.65/hr
Assistants    $21.57/hr $22.22/hr $23.57/hr $25.22/hr 
COTA/Nurse $27.74/hr $28.58/hr $30.31/hr $32.43/hr 


HOURLY RATES FOR ITINERANT                                    
OT/PT   $53.05/hr
S/L  $47.74/hr
Teachers of the VI & DHH $47.74/hr
Sign Language Interp. $32.56/hr