JobID 1543 : Classroom Associate (#1944138)

Posted 14 days ago

Position Summary 

Provide support to the assessment, planning, instruction and documentation of  education services and activities for assigned students as assigned by the coordinator. 


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferred.  Associate degree, minimally.  Less than AA considered with appropriate experience. 
  • Appropriate related experience working with children with autism and other developmentally delays. 
  • Ability to communicate accurately and effectively, both written and orally. 
  • Demonstrate effective decision-making skills. 
  • Utilize good judgment under routine and stressful work conditions. 
  • Work professionally, effectively and collaboratively with others. 

Essential Functions 

Primary job responsibilities  
  • Align daily practice and work with the agency mission, vision, guiding principles, the Re-ED philosophy and Sanctuary model. 
  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively with classroom teaching team(s) to implement the daily instructional plans. 
  • Provide assistance and close supervision of all assigned students throughout planned classroom and instructional activities. 
  • Make teaching materials, bulletin boards, and other instructional materials as directed by the teacher-counselor and/or supervisor. 
  • Share responsibility for all areas of classroom structure and organization, including but not limited to, appropriate visual displays (charts, graphs, and posters) and functional behavioral data collection, recording and analysis. 
  • Complete daily documentation in a timely fashion and in accordance with PEP policies and procedures.  
  • Participate in all staff meetings, classroom review meetings, inservice training programs and camping trips. 
  • Transport students in agency vehicles to community activities and volunteer work sites as needed. 
  • Follow procedures for providing respectful and appropriate assistance to students for personal grooming, hygiene and toileting. 
Expectations, Skills & Abilities  
  • Complete assigned duties competently and within expected time frames. 
  • Utilize safe work practices for self and others. 
  • Demonstrate word processing skills and program navigation skills. 
  • Participate (and pass requirements where applicable) in all required trainings, including but not limited to Vehicle Safety, First Aid, CPR, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Blood Borne Pathogens, and Standards of Practice. 
  • Participate in staff development activities, parent conferences, team meetings, and staff meetings as scheduled or assigned. 
  • Ability to work respectfully with a culturally diverse population of clients. 
  • As a representative of the agency and profession, present self with decorum and in dress that is appropriate to the day’s activities. 
  • Adhere to agency and applicable PEP policies and procedures. 
Physical Requirements  
  • Ability to participate in physical interventions, when necessary, and with fidelity to the        methods taught through the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention model.  Physical interventions are low in frequency but require intense physical exertion. The object is to safely control/maintain a struggling and aggressive young person ranging from 50 – 250+ pounds.  Physical requirements include, but are not limited to: kneeling, possibly for extended periods of time on hard surfaces, bending, twisting, and holding. 
  • Ability to participate in therapeutic outdoor education/field trips which may involve hiking, biking, climbing, and swimming. 
  • Ability to use a computer and keyboard (eye-hand coordination and repetitive movements related to keyboarding). 
  • Ability to move around the classroom/center/community and sit and stand for more than an hour at a time.   
  • Ability to visually and auditorily assess and monitor the mental health status of students for safety purposes. 
  • Ability to meet driver eligibility standards and operate an agency leased vehicle (see physical form for additional information).