JobID 882 : Information Technology Director (#1942376)

Posted 14 days ago

Position Profile
Job Title:         Information Technology Director
Reports to:      Principal
 Position Summary: The Information Technology Director is a professional administrator who reports directly to the Principal, and is responsible for coordinating and administering the implementation of the school's technology plan and also oversees the request for purchase, installation, maintenance and upgrade of all technology in the building. The Director manages the Local Area Network (LAN) and school internet connection, works with the staff to implement various technologies into the current curriculum, and trains staff and students in its proper use.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Attends various events (e.g. meetings, conferences, training sessions, staff meetings) for the purpose of communicating and/or gathering information required to perform the functions of the job.
  • Authorizes permissions and individual access to technology applications or services for the purpose of ensuring proper access to technology systems by staff, students, parents and others consistent with school operating guidelines and regulations.
  • Communicates technology related activities in a timely manner to all stakeholders.
  • Directs the installation of technology systems and tools (e.g. hardware, software, systems, wiring, specialized applications and tools) for the purpose of ensuring the safe, timely, and efficient installation of technology equipment and services.
  • Maintains technology equipment and systems (e.g. servers, telephone systems, intercoms, alarms, surveillance cameras, software applications, network) for the purpose of ensuring that systems are functioning properly and effectively in support of administrative and educational operations.
  • Ensures security of information technology assets, data, network access and backup systems and performs audits to verify the security of internal and external systems.
  • Manages procurement, inventory, and surplus of technology equipment, systems, and related services for the purpose of ensuring that all technology purchases for goods and/or services are consistent with the school’s technology objectives, and that equipment is properly inventoried consistent with school policies.
  • Monitors technology budget and expenditures for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate, expenses are within budget limits, and that fiscal practices and school policies are followed.
  • Oversees functioning of the technology operations of the school for the purpose of ensuring an effective, efficient and safe environment, where technology equipment and applications are utilized appropriately and efficiently to support routine administrative and educational functions of the school.
  • Researches outside funding opportunities and grants for the purpose of providing additional funding to enhance technology within the school
  • Supervises assigned technology staff (e.g. hiring recommendations, interviewing, training, evaluations, etc.) for the purpose of maximizing the efficiency of the work force and meeting operational requirements.
  • Supports the implementation of operational and educational technology initiatives (e.g. new systems, educational programs, hardware) for the purpose of assisting with delivery and implementation of initiatives, providing support and assistance to others, providing oversight of projects and/or training and providing information to others to ensure successful implementation.
  • Tests technology applications, tools, and programs for the purpose of assessing proposed products, programs or tools to provide feedback for the administrative decision processes, to ensure appropriate acquisition of educational and operational technology solutions and to assist others with these functions.
  • Any other duties as assigned.
 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Commitment to Catholic education and development of youth.
  • Strong understanding and experience setting up, configuring, and managing network components. Not limited to managed switches, manage of multiple vlans on the network, manage an enterprise wireless network with multiple AP’s, manage network operating systems.
  • Strong understanding and experience working with Skyward School Management Software. Other systems include Bioconnect Food Service Software, Constant Contact Database Software, School Messenger Software, Smart Tuition Software Support, Fitness Gram Software Maintenance, Naviance Software Maintenance, Blackbaud Software Support, Revtrak Software Support, Erate Filings.
  • Setup and operational knowledge of Windows 10, Windows 2012/2016 server, and knowledge of other systems.

  • Excellent troubleshooting skills; ability to narrow down the cause of an issue and determine a solution.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate with and work well with all levels within an organization specifically working effectively within the culture and processes used in educational organizations.
  • Highly organized with strong project management skills, and drive to meet organizational and departmental objectives; ability to manage projects on interrelated time lines.
  • Knowledge of classroom technology including SmartBoards, clickers, document cameras, sound systems, projectors, cameras, etc. a strong plus.
  • Basic understanding of HTML and website development and maintenance required within Google for Education Domain.
  • Proven ability to negotiate and work with vendors and consultants.
  • Proven ability to work effectively with parent, community, and staff on various organization wide, and Technology Advisory Committees.
  • Experience supervising staff.
  • Ability to teach various technology classes is an added benefit. 
The Information Technology Director should have a Bachelor’s degree in a field appropriate to include Management Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Systems Management, Educational Technology or other equivalent disciplines with a minimum 5 years progressively responsible experience in the development, installation and maintenance of information systems. The Information Technology Director must understand, embrace, and be able to articulate the mission and vision of Boylan Catholic High School.

Boylan Catholic High School is based in Rockford, IL and is a Christ-Centered Community dedicated to the education of the whole person and committed to truth, service, and academic excellence. 

The essential role of the Catholic school teacher is to witness the Gospel message and to lead students to reflect on a Christian approach to life while building the faith community. A teacher should provide students the opportunities to develop their gifts as peacemakers and stewards for the service of the world community. This role is accomplished through instructional techniques and interactive processes that enable students to use their creative talents to become Catholic adults in the 21st century who are problem solvers and makers of just decisions. If you would like to join our amazing Boylan staff, apply online!