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Colorado Early Colleges Mission Statement: All students, regardless of background or skill level, will have the opportunity to pursue a growth mindset that will allow them to achieve mastery and to demonstrate they can succeed in school, in college, and in their chosen career. No exceptions. No excuses.
Director of Admissions

  • Salary: $38,000-$43,000
  • Full Time: Yes
  • Exempt: Yes
  • Supervisor’s Title:  Principal
  • Work Contact Days: 210
Responsible for providing high quality, effective instruction, ensuring student progression towards mastery of course content and related skills.
Colorado Early Colleges is dedicated to creating innovative education materials, curriculum and environments that spark a love of learning, develop grit, and instill a growth mindset. In addition to mentoring small groups as well as individuals, you will document progress, fulfill all required training and paperwork, and communicate with other staff members as needed.
JOB DUTIES: (Note: The list is not considered inclusive of all duties; it focuses on the primary and most frequently recurring duties.)
The Registrar ensures implementation of school admissions procedures for CEC- Castle Rock and Inverness campuses and ensures it is an accurate and efficient system. 

Responsible for student records and transcripts.  Ensures all state reported is completed by overseeing all registrars  consistent and effective communication from the school to stakeholders.
  • Maintains and implements all admissions, enrollment and withdrawal procedures and policies, including new students and returning students.
  • Oversees the management of all student files and information.
  • Oversees the Attendance Verification, Transcripts-as-report-cards and Fall Intent processes.
  • Assists with administration of the Accuplacer tests to new students and oversees the administration of Accuplacer to currently enrolled students at the end of each semester in conjunction with the Advising Department and as determined by the Academic Dean. 
  • Collects and enters grades at the end of each semester, working with the Academic Dean to collect grades from college prep teachers and with colleges for the college grades.
  • Oversees the request and production of transcripts and school records for students including enrollment verifications for VA and SSA benefits.
  • Responsible for working with the Registrars of colleges to make sure the relationship is functional and understood by all parties.
  • Supervises the process of transferring grades from other high schools for new students.
  • Manages and maintains school’s database (Infinite Campus) and provides training as needed for Educational Support Staff.
  • Completes the Student October and End of Year Reports as required by the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Charter School Institute.
  • Maintains GPA and class rank data in Infinite Campus for all students.
  • Provides information and direction to the Advising Department regarding advising policies that affect state reporting, such as full-time equivalencies, grade level, retentions and other data required for state reporting and for other departments.
  • Supports new school startups as CEC Administrator directs.
  • Answers all calls and emails in a timely manner.
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  • School/ Education experience, preferably in high school two to three years.
  • Able to communicate clearly, effectively, accurately and with consistency in writing and verbally.
  • Works with other departments.
  • Attention to detail essential.
  • Organized and efficient; able to set up and execute systems for accomplishing tasks with accuracy in a timely manner.
  • Highly proficient with general computer functions, email, electronic calendar internet, MS Word, MS Office, Google mail and Excel, database and software.
  • Possesses strong leadership skills.
  • Knowledge of electronic data storage and retrieval essential.
  • Maintains confidentiality, according to FERPA.


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