Lower School Counselor (#1913515)

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The Lower School Counselor is responsible for collaborating with the MS Student Success Coach and School Learning Specialist to provide a comprehensive school counseling program. The Lower School Counselor is committed to promoting student success, providing preventative services, and building relationships with students, faculty, parents and the greater community, in order to support the overall social and emotional health and well-being of students. Skillful communication skills are essential in this position and involve timely contact of students, parents, faculty, and administration, as situations dictate, as well as a keen capacity to handle difficult conversations and maintain a high standard of confidentiality. This is a part-time (10 month) exempt position which reports to the Lower School Director.

rovide training, professional development, consultation, and support to administrators and teachers to facilitate implementation of MTSS · Consult with teachers, parents, administrators, and students regarding learning, social, emotional, and behavior challenges

· Coach teachers on how to support students in the classroom who have challenges with learning, attention, and behavior

· Work with a wide range of student social, emotional, and academic issues and meet with students individually or in small/large groups to address these concerns

· Position may complete full or partial evaluations related to academic, behavioral, and/or social-emotional needs (if qualified to do so), in addition to assessing and identifying LS students in need of outside referrals for educational and/or psychological testing.

· Review, interpret and summarize students’ psychoeducational evaluations and write accommodation plans for those students’ learning needs.

· Organize annual accommodation plan meetings with parents and work with teachers to ensure accommodations are implemented in the classrooms

· Manage LS student caseload and provide students and/or families with referrals to outside professional support services when needed, maintaining an appropriate exchange of communication between the school, the student’s parents and the outside professional working with the student.

· Provide parents with referrals for academic support, social emotional support, and for psychoeducational evaluations when needed

· Respond to crisis situations on an as-needed basis for the Aspen Academy community

· Provide professional development for parents and teachers

· Remain current in clinical knowledge and practice through individualized professional development and continuing education.

Program Development:

· Along with the Learning Specialist, lead and guide the school in the development, organization, and implementation of an ancillary support department with a model and framework for remediating academic needs

· Determine mutually beneficial partnerships for the school for support of student needs as well as the financial sustainability of the program

· Develop options for program expansion to include (but may not be limited to) a tutoring center, support classes before and after school, contract work with outside professionals, psychoeducational testing, etc.