JobID 1029 : Security Officer (Part-Time) - CICS Northtown Academy (#1837518)

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Civitas Education Partners, (CEP) exists to provide equal access to opportunities that break the cycle of poverty by leading and supporting K-12 college preparatory schools. CEP is a school management organization that operates four campuses of Chicago International Charter School (CICS), CICS Ralph Ellison High School, CICS Northtown Academy High School, CICS Wrightwood Elementary School, and CICS ChicagoQuest High School. CEP aims to provide its teams and students with an exceptional experience rooted in high expectations for student achievement and civic responsibility.

Position Title:  Security Officer (Part-Time)
Reports to:  School Principal or Designee


Position Summary:

The Security Guard will be responsible to regularly patrol the school building and grounds to enforce school rules, ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors, and prevent damage to school property and facilities. The Security Guard is expected to establish a positive rapport with students providing an atmosphere that is safe and conducive to the proper functioning of the school; and to assist students or refer them to proper staff members for assistance with any problems. Work requires the exercise of independent judgment and is performed under the general supervision of the building School Director. Performs related duties as required.

Competitive Salary and Benefits. 

Duties and Responsibilities include:

•       Patrolling all areas of school buildings and grounds including halls, stairwells, rest rooms, courtyards, entrances, and parking lots to prevent trespassing, loitering, and class cutting, and to protect persons and property, maintain order, and assure compliance with all rules and regulations;

•       Assisting students with problems and refers them to proper staff members;

•       Questioning unauthorized persons on or around school premises, advises as to school rules, and either directs visitors to the principal's office, or off school property;

•       Restraining persons engaged in disorderly conduct;

•       Reporting to the building administrators, any problems, incidents, and conditions affecting the security of the school buildings and grounds so that the building administration can contact the police if necessary;

•       Assisting police in calming disturbances if necessary;

•       Assisting when emergencies occur within the school building;

•       Watching for illegal drug use and accompanies school administrators on locker searches for illegal artifacts

Key Competencies:

Knowledgeable of laws, rules, and regulations applicable to school management.  Ability to initiate, promote, and maintain proper conduct to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors; must be knowledgeable and have the ability to engage crisis intervention and conflict resolution techniques; identify illegal drugs and detect signs of use; and utilize proven techniques to diffuse potentially dangerous situations.  The ability to follow directions, develop a rapport with students, explain rules and regulations in a tactful way that will be understood and obeyed.  Good judgment are physical condition are critical to meet the demands of this position.

Minimum Qualifications: 

• HS Diploma

• Minimum 2 years experience working in urban high school setting