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Charter schools must ensure that each eligible student with disabilities enrolled in the school receives the services included in their IEP. In order to provide the Special Education cadets with the help they need, we need a team to provide the services that they have been promised within that IEP. To keep up with the needs of our cadets we need at a minimum enough Paraeducators to cover each Language Arts, Math, and Supplemental class that is taught at this school. We also need Paraeducators that can be assigned as one on one supports and transition supports between classes.

JOB SUMMARY Each Paraeducator provides activities and experiences designed to help cadets fulfill their educational goals. They will develop, differentiate, and/or modify and accommodate curriculum, according to cadet ability levels. They will also provide small group instruction in a specialized education setting, and support general education teachers.

RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Plan and use appropriate instructional materials, learning strategies, and activities that reflect the understanding and learning styles of Special Education cadets. Work cooperatively with classroom teachers (GenEd/SpEd) to differentiate regular classroom work as needed, and assist Special Education cadets in general education setting to increase understanding and mastery of grade level materials Conduct assessments of cadets learning styles and use results to plan for instructional activities. Present and gather subject matter according to guidelines established by IEP. Establish and maintain open communication with other Paraprofessionals, Administrators, Teachers, Case Managers, and general education teachers. Collect and present data accurately and clearly in order to assist Case manager in the writing of IEPs. Incorporate evidence based curricula into daily lessons. Assist Special Education cadets with individual one on one specialized needs when applicable.

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