JobID 4663 : Principal-West Surprise 2020/2021 (#1799059)

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School Principal Position Overview
Job Summary
This position has supervisory responsibility and creates a unifying workforce vision that brings Team Member Development, Performance Management, and Succession Planning together.  The Principal position reports directly to the Superintendent. The principal plans, develops, and implements programs and services for the school.  The principal is empowered to execute school policies and procedures. The principal is responsible for conceptualizing, developing and facilitating the implementation of projects in support of policies, goals, and objectives established by the superintendent, chief executive officer and the executive directors by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate staff.
The principal will support the district’s mission and vision and role model the behaviors by:

  1. Cultivating a positive work environment.
  2. Prioritizing and setting manageable goals.
  3. Efficiently manage their time at work.
  4. Communicating effectively with management, staff, parents, students, visitors, media and compliance and accountability authorities.
  5. Being flexible and open to constructive feedback.
  6. Demonstrating a willingness to make the same types of changes and dedications asked of others.
 The principal will support compliance-related items by:
  1. Following internal procedures, external regulations and maintaining a back-to-basics/traditional, accelerated educational model.
  2. Bringing compliance issues to the attention of the Deputy Superintendent.
  3. Successfully completing regulatory training requirements periodically.
  4. Working collaboratively in all facets of the position to meet position requirements and support district goals.
  5. Demonstrating a dedication to positive discipline.
  6. Upholding campus safety standards.
  7. Supporting and engaging parents.
  8. Fostering a culture of high achievers and excellence by ensuring instruction is accelerated and is delivered at the level of the high-end of the class curriculum.
  9. Consistently exceeding state academic standards.
  10. Maintaining high visibility in the community and on the campus.
  11.  Increasing student outcomes in all academic areas.
  12. Eliminating distractions to ensure the maximum amount of classroom time is focused on instruction.
  13. Supporting and sustaining a culture of patriotism and citizenship. 
  14. Maintaining high student attendance, enrollment and retention.

Essential Functions

Principal Job Duties

  1. Confers with teachers, students and parents concerning educational and behavioral issues in school.
  2. Places requisitions, allocates supplies, equipment and instructional material as needed.
  3. Directs preparation of class schedules, cumulative records and attendance reports.
  4. Performs routine security checks and oversees building maintenance around school property to ensure safety.  
  5. Responsible for designating (2) campus tour guides
  6. Hires, trains, develops, and appraises staff effectively.  Develops teaching staff to improve individual teaching techniques.
    1. Observes and evaluates staff performance (responsible for eight out of ten or fifteen out of twenty Instructional Feedback Forms as well as two formal evaluations per year for all K-6/SPED teachers. For JH/Specials principals are responsible for two out of ten or four out of twenty Instructional Feedback Forms. All Instructional Feedback Forms should be instructional in nature.
    2. Takes corrective action as needed, on a timely basis and in accordance with district policy.  Provides quick remediation and/or corrective action for low teacher performance.
    3. Consults with human resources as appropriate. Addresses faculty personnel issues and documents accordingly.
  7. Retention documentation:  presenting information to teachers, running retention reports, retaining documents for records, keeping teachers up-to-date on retention students. Ensures retention forms are signed and submitted. Facilities end of year retention meetings.
  8. Conforms to all safety rules and the use of all appropriate safety equipment.
  9. Oversees the 504 process.
  10. Serve as District Representative for IEP/MET Meetings as needed.
  11. Develops future school leaders. 
  12. Reviews weekly lesson plans with IC & AP.
  13. Assists with morning playground duty & dismissal.
  14. Updates Facebook as needed
  15. Works with discipline as needed (documents the incidents and calls parents). All student report entries must be logged into PowerSchool (AZ) or Infinite Campus (NV) at the conclusion of each instructional day.
  16. Oversees and assures completion of school master schedule.
  17. Addresses parent issues and documents accordingly. All student report entries must be logged into PowerSchool (AZ) or Infinite Campus (NV) at the conclusion of each instructional day.
  18. Ensures compliance of all AP and IC duties. Responsible for covering all AP and IC duties in their absence.
  19. Collaborate and meet with Vertex marketing team to establish marketing campaigns for their schools.
  20. Attend and participate in community events to increase local brand awareness of the school
  21. Build mutual partnerships in the school community to increase enrollment and community awareness (i.e. preschool, home builders, etc.).
  22. Conduct parent meetings and other school events to improve enrollment and persistence
  23. Represent Legacy Traditional School at local chamber of commerce and other relevant organizations.
  24. Performs all other related duties, as assigned. 
Qualifications Requirements
Education, Certifications & Experience
  • Holds a valid Arizona or Nevada Department of Public Safety Fingerprint Card.
·         Has earned a Master’s Degree in Education /Administration/Educational Leadership.
          Holds a valid Principal Certification in the state of Arizona