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The substitute teaching program in the Salt Lake City School District is intended to meet the educational needs of our students when the regular teacher is absent. The District has an automated calling system as well as an online system to search for substitute teaching jobs.

The Salt Lake City School district accepts Substitute Teacher applications from individuals who (1) have a teaching license (any state), (2) have completed or are in a teacher preparation program (3) have at least a bachelor's degree or (4) have an associate’s degree or 60 semester hours of college credit.  Please upload transcript and/or a copy of a teaching license.

Once a complete application is submitted and required legal background checks are completed, you will receive an email to complete online hiring forms.  Once those forms have been submitted you will receive an invitation to new employee orientation.  This  process may take up to 10 days.   At orientation fingerprinting and a criminal background check will be completed . The fee for the criminal background check is $40 and is payable by check, cash or credit card.   

Substitute teachers will then have two (2) weeks from date of hire to complete the online training for new employees.  Training must be completed prior to accepting any substitute teaching jobs.

Pay Rates for Substitute Teachers are:
Substitute - Associate Degree* $75.00/Day
Substitute - Bachelor's Degree* $85.00/Day
Substitute - Teaching Certificate** $95/Day.(The Salt Lake City School District does not accept the APT license)
Substitute - Retired teacher from SLCSD - $110/Day

*Copies of official transcripts or diploma required
**Copy of teaching certificate required

Teaching In General:

  1. Demonstrates Effective Planning and Preparation
    1. Demonstrates knowledge of content pedagogy and knowledge of students and their developmental needs.
    2. Develops clear and relevant instructional goals based on important content area concepts and suitability for students.
    3. Uses a wide variety of resources appropriate for diverse learning styles.
    4. Designs coherent instruction for flexible groupings that includes, clear and focused lesson structure and appropriate timing according to student needs.
    5. Plans lessons with assessment in mind.
  2. Establishes a Classroom Environment Conducive to Learning
    1. Creates a respectful classroom environment by establishing positive and respectful teacher-student interactions that are appropriate to developmental and cultural norms.
    2. Establishes a culture for learning by setting an expectation for learning and achievement, conveying the importance of the content, and displaying knowledge of students’ skills.
    3. Manages classroom procedures and protocols, including those regarding instructional groups, transitions, handling materials and supplies, and performing non-instructional duties.
    4. Manages student behavior by establishing clear expectations, monitoring and dealing with students throughout class time, and following through appropriately to correct misbehavior while respecting student dignity.
    5. Organizes classroom space for safety and for effective learning. 
  3. Provides Effective Instruction
    1. Communicates clearly and accurately, using appropriate vocabulary for age and interests.
    2. Uses questioning and discussion techniques effectively to engage students.
    3. Engages students in learning through use of content activities and assignments, student groupings, a wide variety of instructional materials, and the structure and pacing of the lessons.
    4. Provides specific and timely feedback to students.
    5. Is flexible and responsive to student learning by adjusting lessons, responding to student questions and interests, and persisting in providing a variety of approaches when students have difficulties.  
  4. Demonstrates professional responsibility
    1. Reflects on own teaching by assessing a lesson’s effectiveness and drawing on a repertoire of alternative approaches.
    2. Maintains accurate records of students’ completion of assignments, student progress, and other non-instructional records.
    3. Communicates to engage families in the instructional program by providing information about the instructional programs and individual student progress.
    4. Contributes to the school and the District by establishing and maintaining professional relationships with colleagues and participating in District and school projects/extracurricular activities.
    5. Grows and develops professionally by seeking out opportunities for professional development and by participating in professional service activities.
    6. Shows professionalism by seeking out resources to proactively serve students, advocating for students, and actively participates in team or departmental decision making.  
  5. Attendance:  Must maintain regular and acceptable attendance at such level as is determined in the employer’s sole discretion.  
  6. Performs other related duties as assigned or required.


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Salt Lake City School District

440 E 100 S, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84111
Compare with State

Amount per Student

$10,135 (USD)

State Average: $7,571 (USD)

% ELL Students


State Average: 7%

Student Teacher Ratio

State Average: 22.85

% IEP Students


State Average: 12%


State Average: 338