Special Education Teacher (#1652166)

Posted 3 months ago

Assist in the management of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and ensure the implementation of all IEPs and Section 504 plans. • Coordinate and attend IEP meetings and communicate with parents. • Provide curriculum support for students and teachers. • Coordinate and facilitate Response to Intervention for struggling students. • Develop and monitor Behavior Intervention Plans. • Coordinate the identification, assessment and placement of students in the school’ ESE Program. • Coordinate the ordering of materials and equipment needed to implement ESE Program Services. • Coordinate with school-site, district and contracted personnel in the provision of ESE Services to students. • Develop and assist to implement the school’s ESE Program in alignment with district and federal guidelines. • Coordinate testing for student with disabilities and monitor student IEPs. • Coordinate the internal and external evaluation to maintain an effective feedback monitoring system in coordination with Program Evaluation. • Coordinate activities with early intervention programs to provide services for ESE students. • Serve as a consultant on matters pertinent to the ESE Program. • Assist with interviews of potential ESE teachers. • Participate successfully in the training program offered to increase the skill and proficiency related to the assignment. • Review curriculum developments, literature and technical sources of information related to job responsibility. • Models successful teaching practices at the classroom level, including differentiation in art integration. • Assist teachers to align, interpret, implement and assess the K-7 arts, Reading, ELA, Math, Science, Physical Education and Social Studies. • Works with core teachers in integrating content of their teaching with the content of fine arts where applicable. • Has knowledge of research-based best practices in art, Reading, ELA, Math, Science, Physical Education and Social Studies, identifies learning problems in those areas and provides coaching on best practices as well as provides modeling to assist teachers and students. • Plans, coordinates and presents staff development programs in the arts, Reading, ELA, Math, Science, Physical Education and Social Studies content and methodology including facilitation of Professional Learning Communities and Lesson Study. DORAL ACADEMY OF COLORADO JOB DESCRIPTION • Coordinates the development of instructional materials that are consistent with the total education philosophy of the school. • Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.