PE/Health (#1551100)

Posted 7 days ago
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We are a small school, thus our PE teacher will also handle Health Classes. We have a tremendous Athletic Director/PE on staff, thus a great start to the year. We also have great expectations for physical fitness, as well as knowledge about healthy living. In addition, we will incorporate military training opportunities into our PE courses.

A military background is not required, though expect to learn the culture and pass along the values and expectations.

We offer a very competitive salary with full benefits and a 403B retirement plan.

We are beginning to hit our stride. Last year, our small graduating class of 75 seniors has produced a total of 7 (seven) Congressional Nominees to the Service Academies (1 Merchant Marine, 1 Naval Academy, 2 West Point, 3 Air Force Academy). This would be an amazing feat for a high school with 500 seniors, but for 75 it is off the charters. And, considering this is a small Title I school with an intense College Prep, full-time Military has been hard work and we have a long way to go, though we are starting to hit our stride.