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FTE:  1.0
Calendar:  185 Day
Priority Screen Date:  Close of business on May 1, 2019

The Speech Language Pathologist will:

  Assesses students' communication skills (e.g. articulation, fluency, voice, expressive and receptive language,
  etc.) for the purpose of identifying communication disorders, determining program eligibility and developing
  recommendations for treatment.
  Collaborates with a variety of groups and/or individuals (e.g. parents, teachers, physicians, administration,
  maintenance personnel, team members, other professionals, etc.) for the purpose of communicating
  information, resolving issues and providing services in compliance with established guidelines.
  Coordinates meetings and processes for eligible students (e.g. testing/screening, IEPs, parent conferences,
  pre-referral staffing, etc.) for the purpose of presenting evaluation results, developing treatment plans, and/or
  providing training to parents/students/staff.
  Develops                                                    :            
  Develops treatment plans, interventions and/or educational materials for the purpose of minimizing the
  adverse impact of communication disorders in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  Instructs eligible students in the use of appropriate communication technologies (e.g. hearing aids, FM
  systems, augmentative communication devices, etc.) for the purpose of minimizing the adverse educational
  impact of communication disorders in accordance with established guidelines and legal requirements.
  Instructs assigned support staff for the purpose of providing information on communicative disorders, use of
  assistive devices and feeding techniques and/or implementing prescribed treatment plans.
  Interprets medical reports within the scope of Speech/Language Pathologist's experience and goals for the
  purpose of providing information and/or ensuring that treatment/intervention plans are appropriate.
  Maintains files and/or records (e.g. progress reports, activity logs, billing information, treatment plans, required
   documentation, quarterly reports, screening results, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability of
  information as required for reference and/or compliance.
  Participates in meetings, workshops, and seminars (e.g. training, IEPs, team meetings, etc.) for the purpose of
  conveying and/or gathering information.
  Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of
  the work unit.
  Performs                                                    :            
  Performs site visits at multiple work sites including home visits for the purpose of providing therapy and
  assistance as required.
  Prepares a wide variety of written materials (e.g. activity logs, correspondence, memos, treatment plans,
  Medicaid billings, reports, required documentation, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing
  written reference, and/or conveying information.
  Provides speech and language therapy to students for the purpose of minimizing the adverse impact of
  speech and language disorders on student success.
  Researches resources and methods (e.g. intervention and treatment techniques, assessment tools and
  methods, community resources, etc.) for the purpose of determining the appropriate approach for addressing
  Responds to inquiries (e.g. parents, teachers, staff, students, etc.) for the purpose of providing information
  and/or referral as appropriate.
  Transports supplies and equipment to a variety of sites for the purpose of ensuring the availability of items as

1.  Current State of Utah School Speech Language Pathologist license.

Work Environment Requirements:

  1. Risks found in the typical work environment which is adequately lighted, heated and ventilated, e.g., safe use of office equipment, avoiding trips and falls, observing fire regulations.
  2. Maintains regular and predictable attendance for the purpose of fulfilling job requirements efficiently. Will be required to attend activities, events, and meetings outside of normal work hours on a regular basis.
  3. Driving to work locations
  4. Typically, the employee may sit comfortably to perform the work: however, there may be some walking, standing, bending, carrying light items, etc…
Salary Schedule:  Certified

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Salt Lake City School District

440 E 100 S, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84111

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Amount per Student

$10,135 (USD)

State Average: $7,571 (USD)

% ELL Students


State Average: 7%

Student Teacher Ratio

State Average: 22.85

% IEP Students


State Average: 12%


State Average: 338