JobID 231 : Public Charter School Principal (#1462477)

Posted 6 days ago

Master’s Degree
Appropriate Teaching Certificate
Must meet State of Michigan requirements for elementary principal certification
Demonstrated success as an educator and administrator
Demonstrated success working with families from various socio-economic backgrounds in an urban setting.
REPORTS TO:                   Director of Schools
PRIMARY ROLES:          
The Principal is a member of the Foundation executive team with the delegated responsibilities at a particular school site.  With the advice and consent of the Foundation Executive through the Director of Schools, the Principal acts as a team leader to work effectively with school staff, students, families and community to create a positive learning environment.  The Principal provides leadership in representing the Foundation and its Academy as a premier educational establishment to the student body, parents, the School Board and community through effective communication of goals and objectives.
Administer and supervise all aspects of school personnel and program
Facilitate and maintain a cohesive team of professional educators dedicated to the success of the Academy student body 
Administer a school code of conduct 
Utilize Foundation administrative procedures consistent with local and State policies and Federal rules and regulations 
Install and supervise Foundation programs of instruction that reflect a demonstrable relationship to State of Michigan Standards and the Academy’s educational goals and objectives 
Monitor student progress and performance through the use of Foundation Learning Management System program data and technology 
To utilize Foundation Learning Management System data-bases for reports to parents, the Director of Schools and the School Board 
Facilitate  parent and community involvement with the school 
Assure equity and non-discriminatory practices in all educational and school-related activities 
Set high standards and expectations for students, staff, parents and self in the conduct of the educational process 
Regularly assess teaching methods and strategies 
Evaluate teacher effectiveness using job description and objective-based data 
Utilize monetary, personnel and physical resources prudently 
Maintain a safe and orderly environment 
Communicate frequently and effectively with parents 
Collaborate routinely and effectively with Director of Schools on all aspects of school operation 
Develop and follow plans for effective problem-solving 
Collaborate on the development of and use of due-process procedures in dealing with disciplinary and dismissal cases 
Organize and regularly attend school functions 
Identify and recommend professional development activities for staff 
Participate in the recruitment, selection, assignment and organization of staff to maximize the accomplishment of the school’s mission 
Assist in the development of and recommendation of a school  budget for each fiscal year 
Complete reports as assigned by management company, authorizer and State
Provide reports to Director of Schools and/or Board of Education 

Twelve (12) month position.  One (1) year contract.  Non-tenure
Salary: $51,000 with opportunities to earn additional compensation.  

 An annual performance review and evaluation will be conducted by the Director of Schools prior to the end of each fiscal year.