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Position: Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Status: Full-time Department: Administration Location: In office position located at Epic Oklahoma City Reports to: Superintendent of Schools Salary: $100,000 base compensation plus $30,000 - $40,000 bonus potential If you are looking for an exciting way to make a difference in the lives of students and families, Epic Charter School may be for you! Our goal is to allow our students to be all that they can be while bringing teachers and families together educationally to realize each student’s individual potential. Part of our uniqueness is that we are not a standard brick-and-mortar school - we provide a blended learning environment. Our Assistant Superintendent of Instruction will play a major role in the success of the team, and thus candidates should have a deep understanding of interpersonal relationships and effective supervisory practices. Successful candidates should also have the following experiences and characteristics: Have an eagerness to learn and a growth mindset; Hold exceptionally high standards for the quality of work and a strong desire to improve at every turn; Have well-developed emotional intelligence and moral character; Possess an ability to build strong relationships, thoughtfully navigate challenging situations, and get excellent results from others; Have problem-solving and clear communication skills. Demonstrate leadership competence and a willingness to share lessons learned through experience.

Main Duties / Responsibilities: Moderate a weekly quantitative discussion online with direct reports (managing directors of instruction) based on our belief of shared accountability and transparency. Moderate a weekly qualitative discussion online with direct reports (managing directors of instruction) focused on relational growth and leadership development. Generate online reports over a variety of metrics and distribute transparently to all stakeholders. Hold weekly one on one meetings with direct reports to discuss individual questions and address unique concerns. Answer emails, text messages, and return phone calls promptly. Perform duties as needed at quarterly Professional Learning Communities. Work collaboratively with the heads of other Epic departments to problem solve and facilitate conflict resolution. Facilitate and resolve parental questions and concerns about Epic teachers, principals, and managing directors of instruction. Monitor managing directors of instruction, principal, teacher, and student data weekly to identify trends and manage your direct reports accordingly. Attend weekly senior administrative meetings. Perform all administrative duties as needed. Drive instructional performance improvement schoolwide

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