Special Education Teacher (#1442719)

Posted 21 days ago
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The Utah Military Academy has two campuses, each with roughly 550 cadets, 7-12. Each campus has three full-time Sped Teachers, and 4 Sped Techs. In addition, we work closely with an external Sped Consultant, SpedCo. We are seeking a Sped Teacher for our Camp Williams Campus in Lehi.

We have a higher population of Sped students, about 18%. This is very consistent with the military, where most of our cadets join, and thrive. About 1/3 of our cadets intend to be commissioned officers, thus are focused on attending college. About 2/3 seek direct enlistment, or attend college for technical fields, such as computers, etc. All of our cadets can learn! Regardless of where they start their academic journey.

We have a very competitive salary, our health insurance through PEHP, with an excellent 403B retirement plan. At the anticipated salary, a 20-year retirement plan would generate over $500,000 in savings, if you engage in the 403B retirement plan.