JobID 176 : Paraprofessional (#1419077)

Posted 14 days ago

Position Title: Paraprofessional                              Date: 1/13/20
Location: Crossroads Building                                    Supervisor: Building Principal and Supervising Teacher
The regular duty day: varies (typically 6-7.5 hrs.).   The regular work week is: Monday through Friday

Performance evaluations are conducted annually by the building principal in collaboration with the supervising teacher.

Qualifications required to perform duties: Knowledge of classroom and instructional practices; Knowledge of computer and technology use in educational settings; Ability to manage student behavior.
Major elements of the position (most important and/or frequently performed duties):
Provides learning experiences through interventions, enrichments activities, or individual instruction; Prepares instructional materials; Guides learning and maintains records; Data analysis (as required); Assumes crosswalk duties as assigned; Displays outstanding public relations skills; Assists with all emergency procedures/drills; Maintains records/charts of student progress.

Skills and abilities required to perform the major elements: Ability to learn new programs and strategies to provide direct instruction to students; Ability to follow directions/lesson plans; Ability to communicate effectively  with adults and students; Ability to multi-task; Ability to act with initiative and good judgment; Ability to maintain confidentiality; Ability to accurately maintain records.
Minor elements of the position (less important and/or less frequently performed duties):
Use office equipment including computers, Smartboards, chromebooks, and digital resources to prepare instructional materials; Assist in maintaining the learning environment; Assist with standardized tests and state and local assessments; Assist with the supervision of tests and make-up work; Assists substitute teachers; Directs students in emergency and life threatening situations; Participates in training programs as assigned; Assume recess duties as assigned.

Skills and abilities required to perform the minor elements: Ability to learn and operate computer programs and relay that information to young children; Creativity; Ability to locate information on the Internet; Ability to operate technology used in the classroom.

Description of normal working conditions: Works inside the school building in a controlled, well-lit environment, as well as outside occasionally in inclement weather; Attends off-site field-trips with the class; Occasional lifting of 20 pounds or less; Interacts with active students; Sitting, standing, stooping and some stretching and possible participation in Physical Education.
Allowable variances in performance of duties:
Work schedule/hours vary by placement and assignment can be modified as determined by supervisor.

Note:  This job description is not an employment contract, and is only a general description of the duties that are commonly assigned to this position.  Other duties related and unrelated to the title and major and minor elements may be assigned.