English Teacher, 8th grade (#1390481)

Posted 16 days ago
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The primary focus of this position is to teach English to high school 9th grade cadets. We have been working to improve our curriculum, in collaboration with our Hill Field Campus, and others, with a focus on Classic Western Civilization from Hillsdale College. We also focus on ensuring we both teach the standards, as well as frequent standards reviews.

We provide a fully accredited academic environment, with a focus on STEM related instruction. As a small school all teachers will have multiple preparation periods. We will engage self-paced, mastery based learning, thus familiarity with technology is key. Consider both Salt Lake and Weber Innovations high schools as a model.

Our class structure will include both traditional classes, as well as self-paced, mastery. These are dynamic, though very predictable. We will also use instant feedback software, such as NewsELA to supplement learning, not supplant. When implemented with fidelity they clearly demonstrate growth, though we stress these are supplements, not supplants.

Teachers need to fully understand standards, data driven instruction in lesson planning. We are excited to support collaboration with teaching staff at the Hill Field Campus.

Our cadets are in uniform daily. They are expected to conduct themselves with proper military protocol at all times. Teachers are not required to have a military background, though upholding standards is important. We will provide training and support in military culture. Just think, 'yes ma'am, no sir' as the basic model. Cadets will come to us academic advanced, and far behind. We are not a reform school, but instead a gateway to their individual passions. Whether they seek to attend West Point or directly enlist, we have a track record of tremendous success. Our cadets overwhelmingly want to be here, and expect high standards at all times.