Community & Data Analyst (2019-2020) (#1359444)

Posted 9 months ago

Join the movement to reimagine education.

Knowledge Academies is a 2017 National Award Winner to Reimagine Education in partnership with the National Writing Project, MacArthur Foundation, and John Legend’s Show Me Campaign!

KA educators are innovators!

KA’s Writing to Reimagine campaign will serve as a national model for how the local stories of communities (students, staff, and families) can empower others towards positive changemaking. Empower the next generation of youth, leaders, and families through passion, precision, humility, and service.

KA currently operate two middle schools and one high school, and are authorized to open additional schools, over the next five years, in Tennessee.

Our work is focused on preparing students to make the best academic and social choices, leading to a successful life.

As a team, we are committed to leveraging and listening to the voice of our students and families, in support of developing Unity through Community.

We believe we are engaged in some of the most important public service and outreach of our generation, and are committed to the collaboration necessary to meet this challenge.

Our team is committed to the service of students and families who often reside near poverty, and in many cases are English language learners.

Our team is the first middle or high school in Tennessee to be recognized, nationally, as an Ashoka Changemaker school, where everyone has the opportunity to build positive momentum and share their talents or passion for the public good!

We welcome your review of the following position opening, and invite you to follow our work @kacademies or


Through effective communication and data analysis, ensure the core values and mission of KA are understood and consistently applied, providing excellent service in all operations and finance matters, for the benefit of students and families.

Successfully analyze and support the implementation of main office, food service, transportation, operations and finance strategies that support families, in preparing students for a successful life connected to college, community, creativity, and culture.

Effectively model KA's Core Values Framework, maximizing the effectiveness of the organization.


Data Analysis & Problem Solving: -Support the daily implementation of main office and operation functions that maximize the efficiency of the organization, related to student enrollment, transportation, family communication, food service, community events, and extracurricular activities.

Coordination & Team Lead: -Support daily KA operations and finance (including main office, student enrollment, transportation, food service, facilities, family events, and special events).

Meetings, Conference Rooms & Center for Personalized Learning: -Manage room reservation procedures, using centralized software, such as YaRooms, -When applicable, submit for approval, activity and event requests for the KA event space and main office conference rooms. -Track compliance with required room procedures, by school and community partner level, related to room setup,room cleanup, sound, and multimedia.

Relationship Builder: -Serve as daily relationship builder, on behalf of KA, continuously developing a high degree of trust with families, students, and community partners. -Take calls, follow-up on family requests, provide school tours, support the KA team, as needed, through the main office.

Communication & Planning: -Support consistent and effective communication, planning strategies, including providing accurate and detailed information for weekly memos and monthly support calendars, outlining milestones, in operations and finance, of greatest impact in support of the KA team.

Student Records: -Responsible for to establishing, monitoring, and defining key operational metrics for student enrollment, attendance, discipline referrals, medical records, nurse referrals, and student records. -Responsible for requesting student records and cumulative records.

Maximum Impact: -Use and convey data to support teams across the organization, supporting their ability to understand how to achieve maximum impact, for the benefit of students and families, in their designated role.

Transportation: -Collect, use, and convey data to ensure all families receive confirmation and reliable implementation of bus transportation schedules, in the most optimal fashion, and in advance of school enrollment (Director of Transportation serves as lead).

Student Enrollment & District Reconciliations: -Collect, use, and analyze district Average Daily Membership (student enrollment), making sure that it is aligned with internal student enrollment at KA, across all schools. -Provide weekly updates on KA student enrollment, by school.

Food Service, Procedures, & Compliance: -Ensure all food service daily procedures, reporting, and reconciliations are in compliance with Tennessee Department of Education audit review requirements. -Collaborate with the Managing Director to ensure student voice is considered with food service selections. -Collect, use, and convey data that helps the food service team Implement, with high with fidelity, cafeteria procedures for students, families, and staff, in partnership with the Managing Director.

Main Office: - Collect, use, and convey data to ensure the first and lasting impressions of the main office (middle & high school) reinforce an atmosphere of excellence, unity, and collaboration, reflective of the core values and mission of Knowledge Academies.

Facilities: -Analyze operational metrics, facility financial metrics, surveys, and janitorial services to ensure all classrooms, hallways, lavatories, and shared spaces are clean, without writing or graffiti, leaving an excellent impression, reflecting the core values of KA (Director of Transportation & Facilities serves as lead).

Information Technology: -Collaborate with the Teaching and Learning team and IT Manager, in the effective analysis of student and staff use, IT deployment data, and technology repair data, for the maximum benefit of students.

Future Planning: -Support effective future planning.