JobID 4069 : ESS Specialist Nevada (#1353035)

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Position Title: Exceptional Student Services Specialist Nevada
Position Department: Exceptional Student Services
Work Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Position Overview
Provides support, training, continuing education, consultation and collaborative supports to the Legacy Traditional School special education and general education teams and administration to ensure that students with disabilities receive FAPE.
Essential Functions
Provide specialist level consultative supports to campus special education teams

  • Consults and collaborates with content experts (SMEs) on the ESS Development Team to understand content requirements and practices of the ESS Department.  
  • Collaborate closely with the ESS Development team in order to identify strengths and needs of each campus’ ESS Department.
  • Visit campuses and provide all supports identified in the Development Team’s Action Plan for the campus.  
  • Provide instructional trainings to campus sped teams on areas of weaknesses in order to strengthen discipline skills.
Oversee Compliance in Documentation and Service Provision for Legacy Campuses
  • Validate compliance indicators in special education for each campus including session tracking, evaluation timelines, IEP timelines, alignment of documentation with state-level requirements (AZ Keys, for example), and components of MTSS.  
  • Ensure the campus sped teams have the necessary materials, knowledge, and staff in order to provide appropriate services to students.
  • Mentors new hires to orient them to the policies and procedures of Legacy.  Assists in the completion of new hire orientation.     
  • Attends Level 2 and Level 3 meetings to provide support to campus teams.  

Education and Licensure Requirements
  • Bachelor's level degree pertinent to the field of education, preferably in special education.
  • 3 years of experience in Special Education.
  • Certification from Arizona or Nevada in the field of education.       
Behavioral Competencies
  • Ability to articulate knowledge and impart professional judgment in a clear and comprehensible manner.
  • Neutrality is used when communicating with campus staff; decisions are made using data and guidance.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Immaculate organizational and time management skills.
  • Exhibit appropriate professional conduct in all professional situations.
  • Enjoys engaging in collaborative relationships and working within a strong team dynamic.  
  • Possess honesty, integrity, and a willingness to uphold the ethical standards of the professions embedded within special education teams.
  • Engage in active listening and ask questions when information is not understood.
  • Open to new ideas and understands the importance of engaging in professional development.
  • Ability to maintain composure remain neutral while completing responsibilities.
  • Feedback and constructive criticism is used to fuel future behaviors that promotes staff performance as well as their own performance. 

Position Clarity
  1. This position will change lives through education because it is embedded with strong communication, collaborative and innovative skills which are foundational to the provision of appropriate support to campus teams.
  2. This position will display our core values in the following ways
    1. Innovative Mind: Implementing a personalized plan of support to each campus team.  Understanding communication styles and designing training and support in response to individual styles and needs.  
    2. Hungry Heart: Seeking constructive feedback regarding fundamentals skills needed to do the position effectively and to ensure success for students with disabilities at the campuses.  
    3. Engaging Spirit: Observable passion pertaining to collaboration and the provision of consultative supports.
  3. How does this position provide:
    1. Exceptional Service: Imparts specialist level support to campus teams to ensure FAPE is provided to students.  
    2. Value People: Effective communication, validation of staff ideas/ concerns and problem solving with ESS staff members to resolve concerns or develop new ideas.
    3. Grow Smart: Continued professional development regarding various aspects of special education and associated disciplines.