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The Academic Director is an administrative position similar to that of principal. Primary responsibilities include acting as the Assessment Director and School Safety Coordinator, counseling with the Executive Director regarding hiring and firing decisions and policy and calendar changes, and overseeing Teacher Licensing, Teacher Coaching, Curriculum Development & Scheduling. This position oversees the Dean of Cadets, who primarily handles discipline; coordinates with the SPED director to oversee IEP accommodations; and collaborates with Counselors for teacher schedules, graduation plans, credit recovery, and cadet group sessions.

The Academic Director must be willing to collaborate and work closely with the Commandant of Cadets, who is the school ambassador and oversees facilities, athletics, extra-curriculars, marketing and fund-raising, and most importantly, forms and maintains the military culture of the school. The Academic Director and Commandant of Cadets work to jointly carry out the vision of Utah Military Academy and ensure that all cadets receive the opportunities they need to gain a successful education in all of its facets.

UMA's vision is to prepare cadets to competitively apply for military academies or their university equivalent. We need someone committed to improving the Academic achievements of the school while maintaining cultural and policy standardization between campuses.

Academic Directors are tasked with balancing academic rigor with positive school culture,

The objective of this position is to maintain a positive school culture, through proactive measures, such as: - Being a positive presence in hallways and around the building - Observing classrooms - Supporting teachers with Teach Like a Champion classroom management strategies - Collaborating with SPED department to oversee proper IEP implementation and representing LEA in IEP meetings

When cadet discipline is required, a firm, fair, and consistent approach meets the needs of the UMA Discipline Code. Disciplinary responsibilities include: - Monitoring Educator’s Handbook for office referrals - Running weekly tardy/uniform infraction reports - Scheduling lunch detention and supervision - Working with parents to resolve inappropriate cadet behaviors - Collaborating with Administrative Team regarding expulsion hearing referrals

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