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Job Summary

Responsible for providing medical attention to students and managing attendance records Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins is dedicated to providing students with what they need to succeed. When students are not at their best, you will tend to their health concerns, ensuring compliance to State and Federal law. You will be responsible for communicating health concerns to parents and any other parties necessary. In addition, you will manage parent correspondences regarding attendance.

Job Duties (Note: The list is not considered inclusive of all duties; it focuses on the primary and most frequently recurring duties.)

Student Health/Safety

• Provides minor and major first aid care to sick and injured students. Determine severity of illness/injury, calling 911 if necessary, monitoring chronically ill students, monitoring the exposure of others to diseases, disposing properly of body fluids and performing technical procedures as necessary (e.g. blood glucose testing, administering injectable epinephrine) • Obtains and maintains certification in first aide, CPR/AED, and medication delegations • Attends trainings as required • Administers medication as delegated by school nurse and according to established protocol and guidelines • Able to contact 911, EMS and/or school designated person in case of major illness or serious injury • Contacts parent/guardian or emergency contact for ill or injured students in accordance with school policy • Updates School Nurse regarding student health-related issues and student absences for health reasons • Maintains and implements Health Care Plans including substitute and field trip plans

Student Advocacy • Provides guidance to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle • Acts as school child abuse representative and assists with reporting suspected child abuse • Helps to address medical and emotional needs • Supervises behavior and monitors safety of students in health office and throughout the school

Record Keeping/Maintenance • Maintains all health records, physical and electronic, for students • Assists with vision and hearing screenings, including volunteer recruitment and data recording, referrals, and tracking follow up care • Documents the care and treatments provided to each student in a daily log record book • Enter all health information into the student information system • Provides reports as required for accidents, head injuries and infectious diseases • Manage Attendance line and enter attendance information into Infinite Campus • Maintains storage, security, and administration of records • Assists the school nurse with implementing immunization law, including notification of non - compliance and maintenance of immunization record • Maintains supplies, reporting to school nurse when supplies are needed • Maintains equipment • Organizes manuals and updates as directed by school nurse • Maintains a clean, orderly health room • Works with building Crisis Response Team and maintains supplies. • Performs additional duties as assigned

Financial Justification for the Position

• This position supports the school mission of providing opportunities to succeed by slowing the spread of illness. This ensures our students’ time in the classroom is maximized. The position manages inventory and ensures compliance with State and Federal law-keeping our school running.

Work Hours 7:30 am to 4 pm (4:30 on Tuesdays and 3:30 on Fridays)

Reporting This position will report to the School Nurse

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