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The Ki Charter Academy is comprised of two campuses. Ki Charter - San Marcos rests on the 65-acre grounds of the San Marcos Treatment Center (SMTC) in beautiful San Marcos, Texas. Our students are the residents of SMTC with a handful of students from the local community, and we average 180 students on any given day, but our mobility rate can reach upwards of 400% over the course of the school year. Ki Charter - Liberty Hill resides on the Meridell Achievement Center located on a tranquil 60 acres in Liberty Hill, Texas. The students at Liberty Hill have a similar mobility rate and students come from all over the United States. This is the first year of operation for Ki Charter - Liberty Hill so all data is from this school year. The average stay for students at San Marcos is 118 days and Liberty Hill is slightly less at 98 days, so it is rare we have very many of the same students at the end of the year we had at the beginning. The communities we serve are complex given 60% of our students are from out of state, and the other 40% are from other areas around Texas, so we essentially have a national community of parents, guardians, school districts, and state agencies as well as the community of San Marcos Treatment Center and Meridell Achievement Centers direct care staff, managers, therapists, nurses, doctors, and administrators. Since Ki Charter is a Texas open enrollment public charter school (subchapter D), our geographical boundary encompasses San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District (SMCISD) and Liberty Hill Independent School District LHISD.

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