Now Hiring ESE Teachers!

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Clay County District Schools is now hiring Exceptional Student Education teachers for Varying Exceptionalities Self-Contained classrooms at Lake Asbury, Montclair, and Thunderbolt Elementary schools.

Working in a self-contained setting allows for smaller class sizes (4 to 12 students, typically), specialized curricula, physical classroom adaptations/requirements, and paraprofessional support. Self-contained programs offered by Clay County District Schools serve a variety of students that may have significant cognitive or emotional/behavioral disabilities, significant language impairments, or other significant exceptionalities.

Teachers working in a varying exceptionalities self-contained setting are eligible for a $3,040 supplement. Additionally, candidates hired out of field to teach ESE are eligible to be reimbursed the cost of the subject area exam and the cost to add the subject area to an FLDOE certificate upon passing the test AND applying for updated certification.

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