If you like project based learning-you will love Iowa Big! (#1354)


WHO WE ARE AND WHY WE CAME TOGETHER We are a group of educational practitioners, scholars, business people, parents, and advocates with an extraordinarily diverse set of backgrounds, positions, and perspectives. Collectively, we are engaged in blended learning, disruptive technology, deeper learning, connected learning, personalized learning, social and emotional learning, community schooling, out-of-school learning, teaching improvement, the teaching profession and its collective leadership, school choice, and more. We recognize, honor, and value the points of view of all of those engaged in the work of education: learners, teachers, parents, unions, businesses, charter schools, administrators, civic leaders, and education advocates and organizations.

We came together recognizing that we have strongly held and often divergent views on a number of current issues and controversies in public education. We were determined to create a vision of the future of education that could unite us and many others. We believe that it is time for a new conversation about education. Not only are we tired of the same recurring debates about what is wrong with today’s education system and who is to blame for its inadequacies, but we also realize that no amount of tweaking or modifying the current, industrial-era system will fulfill our vision of all children learning and thriving to their full potential.

SIMPLY PUT, the current system was designed in a different era and structured for a different society. Our economy, society, and polity are increasingly at risk from an educational system that does not consistently prepare all children to succeed as adults and is least effective for the children facing the greatest social and economic challenges. Conversely, the Internet revolution has created a once-in-a-generation opportunity for new approaches to learning. Our growing recognition of the importance of skills and dispositions is also sparking a shift toward experiential learning. In short, we see both an imperative for transformation and many promising avenues for re-envisioning the learning experience.

BIG exists to assist students in developing their agency, efficacy, and passions while gaining valuable real-world and academic skills so they can succeed in a world of rapid and constant change. Check us out by visiting https://iowabig.org/