Make a Difference with New Visions for Public Schools (#1249)


For over 25 years New Visions for Public Schools has improved the quality of public education children receive in New York City. Founded through the collaborative efforts of philanthropic, educational, corporate and civic leaders to mobilize private support for public education, New Visions was built on a bold set of beliefs: that education has the power to disrupt poverty, that meaningful change is possible at scale; and that all students, no matter their background or track record, can succeed.

Through its efforts, New Visions has designed and launched over 140 small schools with the help of more than 220 community-based organizations; has created new teacher and leader preparation programs; has energized teaching and learning in classrooms across the city; and, working closely with teachers and principals, has pioneered the use of new data tools that extend the professional capacities of educators to ensure that all students have access to a quality education.

Mission: New Visions for Public Schools’ goal is radically disrupting the cycle of poverty by improving student achievement, resilience and creating and sustaining a network of high performing schools for New York City’s highest-need students. Our mission is to ensure all New York City public school students, regardless of race or economic class, have access to a high-quality education that prepares them for the rigors of college and the challenges when entering the workforce.

The team at New Visions for Public Schools is made up of staff with experience as teachers, principals and superintendents, bringing first-hand knowledge of New York City’s public schools to our work helping to raise student achievement. Other staff bring expertise in education policy, teacher preparation, data systems, digital technology, community relations, fundraising and nonprofit operations.

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