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The  Dearborn Academy is seeking an Administrator for Curriculum and Instruction. The Administrator for Curriculum serves with the Principal to ensure the development, delivery and evaluation of curriculum and instruction practices and to ensure quality learning by all students on state standards and Academy learning goals. The Administrator for Curriculum and Instruction serves as a member of the administrative team.
Common Administrative Behaviors:
The Academy expects all administrators to exhibit knowledge, skill and competence regarding certain common administrative behaviors and position-specific administrative behaviors. Listed below are the 12 common administrative behaviors:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge, skill and competence regarding effective communication procedures and processes with all audiences affiliated with the Academy.
  2. Facilitate, collaboration and teamwork by all audiences to ensure quality learning results by all students.
  3. Exhibit knowledge, skill and competence regarding the assessment and evaluation of staff, programs and policies.
  4. Demonstrate effective organization of the Academy to ensure successful learning results by all students.
  5. Proactively plan, implement, monitor and evaluate Strategic Improvement Plans and results.
  6. Must be knowledgeable regarding school law and effectively use the legal requirements for schools to develop and implement policies, procedures and processes to support teaching and learning.
  7. Demonstrate the knowledge, skill and competence necessary to solve problems, negotiate conflict resolutions and encourage ongoing professional growth by the staff.
  8. Model and encourage innovative behaviors in support of quality teaching and learning.
  9. Demonstrate knowledge, skill and competence to manage effective and efficient operations.
  10. Practice sound fiscal management of the resources of the Academy in support of quality teaching and learning.
  11. Demonstrate effective human resource leadership and management of the Academy staff.
  12. Practice strategic leadership of the Academy to ensure quality teaching and learning success.
Position-Specific Responsibilities:
  1. Direct, design, monitor and evaluate the curriculum to ensure alignment with State of Michigan requirements, vertical articulation of learning goals and horizontal grade level consistency.
  2. Supervise and evaluate teachers and other assigned support staff.
  3. Build the curricular and instructional budget and supervise the successful procurement of needed curricular and instructional resources.
  4. Collaborate with the Principal and other assistant administrators to develop an effective instructional calendar for the year, semester, quarter and day.
  5. Develop, monitor, implement and evaluate the results of a comprehensive assessment system for Academy students that are used to determine student achievement levels, areas of improvement, curricular and instructional changes and intervention strategies.
  6. Facilitate the development and implementation of effective intervention programs and strategies for fostering student academic success.
  7. Collaborate with the Principal, the administrative team and the professional staff in the design and implementation of Strategic Improvement Plans for the Academy.
  8. Routinely monitor and enforce the disciplinary code to ensure a safe, orderly environment for teaching and learning.
  9. Assist the Principal in the design and delivery of ongoing professional development for the staff.
  10. Develop effective oral and written communications for staff, the administrative team, the Principal, the President of AIMS, the Academy Board, the authorizing agency, State officials and parents regarding student academic progress at the Academy.
  11. Perform such other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Principal or the President of AIMS. 
  1. Michigan State School Administrator License
  2. Master’s degree in the area of leadership and/or curriculum and instruction.
  3. Except as otherwise provided by law, the Academy shall use certificated teachers according to state board rule.
  4. At least five years successful teaching and/or administrator experience and a background in administration.
  5. Ability to effectively interact and collaborate with professionals, parents and students.
  6. All administrators or other person whose primary responsibility is administering instructional programs or as a chief business official shall meet the certification and continuing education requirements as described in MCL 380.1246.
  7. Satisfactory criminal background check and unprofessional conduct check as required by School Safety Legislation.


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