Middle School Mathematics and Language Arts Teacher

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Responsible for instruction on various subjects, including 6th - 8th grade math, and 7th and 8th grade Language Arts. Works with students in a classroom setting within a middle school.

Job Summary: 

  • High expectations for all students: Support a mastery-based learning environment and lead students to meet ambitious academic goals.
  • Integrated curriculum development and delivery: Design and implement inter-disciplinary long-term plans and daily lessons that spark student interest in STEM learning.
  • Problem-based learning: Motivate learning through the context of a semi-structured problem grounded in real world application.
  • Differentiated instruction: Personalize student learning based on needs and interests.
  • Meaningful assessment: Craft opportunities for regular assessment and reflection using a range of methods.
  • Content-area expert: Apply knowledge of best practices for integrated Mathematics and Laguage Arts instruction to support curriculum development and delivery.
  • Collaboration with colleagues: Work with colleagues to develop and test innovative solutions.
  • Partnerships: Connect students to individuals in academia, industry, and the community with relevant expertise and experience. Build relationships with students and families.

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in education or mathematics with teacher education courses Math/Language Arts. Teachers firmly believes that STEM education is essential for preparing students for the world in which they live and work. 

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