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Position Areas
Early Childhood Development/Daycare


The Dearborn Academy, a Pre K- 8th Grade Charter School, is seeking a GSRP PreK Teacher.

The GSRP Pre School Teacherisresponsibleforall aspectsofplanning,assessing and instructingfour year old students,basedon the needsof eachchildand therequirementsof the GSRPgrant.The GSRP Pre School Teacheris also responsiblefor maintainingprogramqualityand documentationas outlinedintheGSRP ImplementationManual,PreschoolProgramQualityAssessment(“PQA”)and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) licensingguidelines.


Position Specific Responsibilities:


  1. Implement the assigned instructional activities and course of study to engage students in conductive learning.

  2. Utilize instructional and classroom management systems that increase student learning and maximize time on task.

  3. Identify, select and modify instructional resources to meet the needs of the students with varying backgrounds, learning styles and special needs.

  4. Monitor student progress towards achieving instructional objectives and goals.

  5. Followthedailyscheduleas outlinedin thecurriculumand GSRPguidelines.

  6. Conductscreeningandongoingassessmentofchildrenand provideage-appropriateinstructionalsupport.

  7. MeetwithEarlyChildhood Specialistas neededtoensurequalityprogrammingand maintaina high-level PQArating.

  8. Attendstaffmeetings,workshopsand otherscheduledprogramactivitiesasrequested.

  9. ConsidertheGSRP Paraprofessional or Associate Teacher an essentialmemberof theteachingteam.

  10. CollaboratewiththeGSRP Paraprofessional or Associate Teacher in planning,teammeetings,troubleshootingand decision-making.

  11. EmpowertheGSRP Paraprofessional or Associate Teacher tomonitorbehaviorand supporttheeducationalprocessin theclassroom.

  12. Participateinhomevisitswith the GSRP Paraprofessional or Associate Teacher topartnerwithparentstomeettheeducationalneeds of theirchildren.

  13. Organizeand maintainrecordsforgrantand licensingpurposes.

  14. Createand updateanecdotalrecordsand portfoliosforeachchild.

  15. Communicate effectively within the educational community and with parents on a regular basis.

  16. Meet professional responsibilities.

  17. Maintain and upgrade professional skills.

  18. Promote and maintain positive Academy-staff and pupil-teacher-parent relationships.

  19. Adhere to the teacher code of conduct.

  20. Support and implement the discipline philosophy of the Academy, as well as disciplinary procedures designed for individual students.

  21. Report incidents (e.g. fights, suspected child abuse, suspected substance abuse) for the purpose of maintaining personal safety of students, providing a positive learning environment and adhering to the Code and administrative and/or Academy policies.

  22. Maintain confidentiality regarding students.

  23. Attend and participate in all required in-service training sessions and become familiar with the inclusion philosophy and procedures as outlined in AIMS’ policy.

  24. Ensure adherence to safety procedures.

  25. Complete required progress reports and other paperwork.

  26. Participate in Academy recruitment efforts, including open houses and round-ups and assist in student selection.

  27. Maintain inventory of classroom equipment, materials and supplies.

  28. Schedule parent/family activities.

  29. Develop newsletters and informational materials for families.

  30. Ability to work flexible hours as needed for family involvement activities, including home visits, recruitment events, open house, etc.

  31. Perform other duties as assigned.




  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution.

  2. Shall possess a valid State of Michigan Teaching Certificate with the appropriate endorsement(s) for all subject area(s) being taught; EarlyChildhood (ZAor ZS) endorsement.

  3. Meet all requirements established by the DHHS.

  4. Teachingexperience with children,particularlywithat-riskchildren.

  5. Knowledge of the developmental needs of children and school improvement strategies is a definite plus.

  6. Trainingand experiencewithresearch-basedpreschoolcurriculawithknowledgeof earlychildhood.

  7. Knowledge of standardsofQualityforPre-K(ECSQ-PK).

  8. Relevant teaching experience.

  9. Knowledge of relevant technology.

  10. Ability to effectively interact with professionals, parents and students.

  11. CertificationinCPRandFirstAid.

  12. Knowledgeofcurrentresearchonearlychildhoodliteracy.

  13. KnowledgeofthePreschoolPQAand itsrelationshiptoqualityexperiencesforyoungchildren.

  14. Skillinprovidingeffectivelearningexperiencesthatfosteracademicgrowthina developmentallyappropriatemanner.

  15. Workeffectively,makedecisionsand problemsolvecollaborativelywithinateam.

  16. Workwellwithdiversefamiliesand engageparentsasfull partnersin theirchild’slearning.

  17. Strongcommunicationand interpersonalskillstoeffectivelyinteractwithstudents,parents and teachers.

  18. Possess strong oral and written communication skills.

  19. Work independently with little direct supervision.

  20. Work as part of a team.

  21. Accept responsibility; self-motivated.

  22. Demonstrate strong work ethic to achieve Academy goals.

  23. Display effective multi-tasking and time management skills.

  24. Utilize all required and recommended Academy computer applications.

  25. Satisfactory criminal background check and unprofessional conduct check as required by School Safety Legislation.

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