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BASIC FUNCTION The School Bus Monitor is a member of the Transportation Department who assists in the transportation of students with special needs.

SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Bus Monitor shall: 1. Be directly responsible to the Transportation Director or his designee for job assignments 2. Fulfill assignments issued by the Bus Driver in maintaining discipline on the bus and reporting discipline problems to the driver 3. Become familiar with children with special needs, their differences and their needs 4. Be called upon to assist all students on and off the bus at each stop. In the case of a child living on the left side of the bus stop, the Monitor must escort the child across the street carrying a stop sign 5. Not allow any unauthorized person(s) on the school bus 6. Not permit any child to disembark from bus unless a 16 year or older responsible party is there to assist that child into the home or the department has written notification of any exceptions. 7. Check the bus at the end of each student drop and at the end of each and every run for items or children left on the bus. 8. Occupy the seat that provides the best opportunity for supervision and student protection while the bus is in transit, normally toward the immediate rear of the passengers 9. Upon request, provide substitute bus drivers or bus drivers newly assigned to a route with information related to the route, including directions for additions to a route such as spurs, community based, etc. 10. Assist the Bus Driver and/or children in any capacity deemed necessary at the time of any emergency 11. Provide a list of student names and seating location in the case of an accident or other emergency for school, police and Transportation Department personnel. 12. Be able to maintain confidentiality in regard to student, parent, school and transportation relationships and information you are provided 13. Assist the Bus Driver in loading, unloading and properly securing passengers requiring restraint devices using safe and responsible procedures. 14. Assist the Bus Driver in securing seatbelts, harnesses or car seats when loading at group sites or schools 15. Report to the employees lounge until the end of the contracted shifts during non-driving hours when your route is less than the contracted four (4) hours for assigned sit-time. 16. Monitor must assist the driver in the pre-trip of the bus every morning and remain with the bus until leave time. EXCEPT for bringing in pre-trip sheet. 17. Monitor must remain with the bus until it is parked and properly assist the driver with backing the vehicle when necessary. 18. Cooperate with administrative staff and accept constructive criticism 19. Become familiar with all policies and procedures in the Transportation Handbook 20. Be able to set the bus parking brake and turn on flashers 21. Become familiar with accident reporting procedures as stated in the Employee Handbook 22. Learn to operate the bus two-way radio correctly and according to FCC regulations and Transportation Department policy 23. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Director of Transportation or his designee

QUALIFICATIONS AND SPECIFIC SKILLS FOR THIS POSITION: 1. A pleasant and warm personality 2. Ability to work cooperatively with co-workers and administrators 3. Ability to accept responsibility 4. Ability and commitment to follow proper lines of authority 5. Must be able to lift 30lbs 6. Must be able to drag 125lbs 7. Must be able to exit the bus through the emergency exit door 8. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationship with pupils, parents and professional staff members 9. Maintain, read and understand route sheets including time changes 10. Must be team minded in work habits 11. Attend all required in-service training, safety and/or required meetings 12. Physical ability to assist the driver with the loading and unloading of physically handicapped students and assist in the evacuation procedures of all students in the event of an emergency 13. Must adhere to drug and alcohol policy and maintain a current State and Federal DOT Physical.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Candidate should be physically capable of successfully performing the essential functions of the position.

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School City of Hammond

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