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LEAD Charter School

Job Description: School Psychologist

LEAD Charter School, NJ's first single sourced charter high school, seeks an exceptional School Psychologist to join the efforts of a community that’s poised to transform equity through opportunity for young people in Newark. The mission of LEAD is to enable students ages 16-21 in grades 9-12 in Newark, NJ to master the essential skills crucial for success in, career, postsecondary education, and community leadership within a global society. LEAD implements the Newark Opportunity Youth Network (NOYN) school model. Key design elements support the unique career training, academic progress, and non-academic needs of students who have disengaged from traditional schooling. The innovative NOYN model re-engages young people via active participation in rigorous and relevant content, and standards-driven competency-based instruction aligned with emerging market demands. Through applied learning opportunities with partner organizations and corporations, LEAD prepares students to compete in the local economy and/or transition to postsecondary education. To learn more about LEAD, please visit:

School Psychologist

JOB GOAL: To support academic advising and student socialization; collaborate on the Child Study Team; and partner with school leaders and other members of the Mental Health Team to provide related professional development to teachers and staff psychological evaluations for students. In addition, the School Psychologist as a member of the Child Study Team, assess the needs of children and support the school’s instructional program by assisting students in their personal, social & educational growth.

REPORTS TO: Director of Student Support



1.     Master’s Degree in psychology or closely related field

2.     New Jersey school psychologist certification or certification eligibility

3.     Knowledge of special education programming and experience working with students with exceptional needs

4.     Urban school-based psychologist work experience with evidence of measurable student growth and a demonstrated commitment to closing the achievement gap

5.     Excellent verbal and written skills in communicating with diverse audiences

6.     Experience managing assessment data

7.     Openness to feedback, and willingness to take responsibility for student success

8.     Proven willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure student success and safety

9.     Demonstrated commitment to professional comportment

10.  Attention to detail

11.  Flexibility under pressure

12.  Comfort with ambiguity



A.    Case Manager

a.     Serve on Child Study Team and IEP team and conduct testing as needed.

b.     As Child Study Team Case Manager, leads the coordinating, developing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the Individual Education Program of designated students.

c.     Coordinates special services required for designated students, including internal services, external providers, and home instruction.

d.     Coordinate additional services as needed, such as Speech-Language Services and special education related evaluation.

e.     Conduct daily special education meetings with teachers.

f.      Counsel students, parents, and staff individually and in groups.

g.     Develop effective liaison relationships with parents, schools, and community agencies.

h.     Help resolve student/teacher conflicts.

i.      Conduct meetings and conferences between and among students, parents, teachers, and staff.

j.      Teach and enforce the school-wide, clearly defined systems, structures, and rules (including before and after school and during transition times).

k.     Help conduct screenings of cumulative records and/or parent/guardian/student interviews of all students new to the school.

l.      Prepares or supervises the preparation of all reports, records, and other paperwork required or appropriate to administration of psychological-related services.

m.   Ensures the safekeeping of student and personnel files and other confidential records and documents; and the destruction of public records in accordance with law and regulations.

B.     Child Study Team

a.     Serves as a member of the basic Child Study Team, complying with state and federal statutes; participates in the evaluation, identification, classification and placement of all pupils requiring Special Education.

b.     Performs a psychological assessment of students referred to the Child Study Team for evaluation, including observation of the student, and an evaluation of students, school and community factors which contribute to the student’s psychological and academic adjustment within the educational setting. Assessment of a student will be in terms of a personal and family history, and socioeconomic, and cultural factors.

c.     Reports psychological work findings at regularly scheduled Child Study Team meetings.

d.     Actively participates in the deliberations of the Child Study Team and jointly identifies educationally disabled students and assists in planning the IEP when appropriate.

e.     Maintains confidential records on all referred students and student/parent contacts in accordance with federal and state law, Board policy and the procedures.

f.      Provides thorough and timely reports, data, information, etc. as requested by administration.

C.     Casework

a.     Provides casework services to families in helping them to work toward solutions for school­-related problems.

b.     Counsels parents and students in order to help them achieve a desirable psychological and school adjustment and coordinates counseling activities with other appropriate school personnel.

c.     Refers parents and students to relevant community services or agencies when problems are of such a nature that the school cannot offer appropriate help.

d.     Provision of individual or group counseling to students as needed.

e.     Conduct home visits

f.      Complete administrative tasks in a timely manner.

g.     Perform other tasks as may be assigned by the School Leaders

D.    Professional Development

a.     Keeps updated on assessment techniques, community changes and statutory requirements of IDEA & N.J.A.C. 6:28.

b.     Work collaboratively and participate actively at faculty meetings and in professional learning teams.

c.     Continue to develop professionally to ensure students achieve ongoing academic and social-emotional improvement.

d.     Attend all school-wide events including a minimum of five evening events.



Ten-month employee. Salary to be recommended by the Head of School and approved by board.


EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with state law and the provisions of the Board’s Policy on Evaluation of Professional Staff.

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LEAD Charter School

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