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Norton Shores, Michigan


TITLE:                                     Noon Monitor

REPORTS TO:                       Principal

QUALIFICATIONS:                1.         Understanding of elementary age children

                                                2.         Pleasing, warm personality

                                                3.         Patience

                                                4.         Good disciplinarian:  Firm/Fair/Consistent

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS:       1.         To help establish and maintain a calm and pleasant

                                                            atmosphere in the cafeteria.

                                                2.         Through meaningful playground leadership, enable students to

                                                            enjoy group interaction and physical exercise which are an

                                                            integral part of the district educational program.


RESPONSIBILITIES:             1.         Organize students into orderly lines for acquiring food and

                                                            see that they go to assigned tables.

                                                2.         Encourage students to begin eating as soon as they are seated.

                                                3.         Assist younger students with use of utensils when needed

                                                            (especially first graders in September as this is their first

                                                            lunchroom experience).

                                                4.         Help students develop and observe proper dining habits and


                                                5.         Circulate among the tables so as to be available to help children

                                                            and to take the initiative and responsibility to resolve problems

                                                            when necessary.

                                                6.         Wipe off lunchroom tables, benches, and seats as needed

                                                            during the lunch periods.  A more thorough washing to the

                                                            above tops, edges, underside, etc., as needed after the last

                                                            lunch period before storing.

                                                7.         Clean up any spilled food or drink in the lunchroom at the

                                                            time of the mishap.

                                                8.         If the need arises, you may be called upon by the kitchen

                                                            personnel to assist in serving.  (This would be the only time

                                                            you would be in the kitchen).

                                                9.         Supervise students for orderly disposal of food wastes,

                                                            trays, and utensils.

                                                10.       Supervise students for orderly dismissal from the lunchroom.

                                                11.       Direct movement of groups to and from playground.

                                                12.       Supervise students at playtime and maintain a harmonious

                                                            atmosphere on the playground.

                                                13.       Encourage group games and activities.

                                                14.       Report any malfunction and broken playground equipment

                                                            to the school office.

                                                15.       Report serious infractions of disciplinary rules by students

                                                            as so directed by the school principal.

                                                16.       Take part in in-service training programs.

                                                17.       Other duties as assigned.

EVALUATION:                       Performance for this position will be evaluated by the supervisor.


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