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To assist students individually or in small groups in meeting course expectations and improving academic and vocational skills.  Assist special education teachers by working with students to achieve state standards, IEP goals, and/or district graduation requirements. This work involves close interaction with staff, students, and parents/guardians, with primary emphasis on the implementation of specialized or vocational educational programs for each student. The Instructional Assistant works under the direction of the special education teacher. 

  • Assisting students in reviewing and completing assignments during class time.
  • Implementing classroom procedures and reinforcing student’s positive behavior.
  • Administering tests orally to students in both resource and classroom settings.
  • Reinforcing organizational and note taking skills.
  • Grading materials for immediate feedback.
  • Demonstrating use of the computer for drill and remediation as well as homework and classroom assignments.
  • Demonstration and supervising use of the computer with IEP specified software programs that would support the completion of assignments for classes.
  • Helping the student achieve his/her IEP goals.
  • Implementing IEP accommodations as specified in individual IEP.
  • Reviewing materials and providing immediate feedback, if specified in the IEP.
  • Helping the student achieve his/her IEP goals by meeting benchmarks as scheduled.
  • Helping organize and supervise off-campus and vocational programs for students.
  • Actively participates and leads the classroom instruction in cooperation with certified staff.
  • Actively mentors and facilitates classroom instruction delivered through cooperative work group model.
  • Previewing instructional materials and developing instructional plans.
  • Acting as a liaison to communicate student progress to students’ parent/guardian.
  • Offering suggestions to classroom teacher and case manager for appropriate accommodations and modifications of student IEP.
  • Compiling data to be given to the case manager for writing a Behavior Intervention Plan.
  •    Participates and contributes to in-service trainings and staff development opportunities and providing input and suggestions for future topics and directions.
  • Assisting and monitoring when student uses the restroom.
  • Assisting and facilitating tutoring or one-on-one instructional time as required by student need.
  • Assisting and or facilitating crisis management up to and including physical restraints when appropriate. 
  • Other duties as assigned

  •    Must have current Paraprofessional designation in accordance with requirements specified on ISBE Form 73—95 (5/04).
  •    Bachelors Degree required. Paraprofessional certificate is required. 
  •    A minimum of 1-2 years experience in residential or special education classroom/school setting, with experience in crisis intervention and must have strong communication   and interpersonal skills.

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