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General Description: Instruct high school students in the basic skills related to the automotive service industry

Job Qualifications:
ASE Certification preferred.
Have considerable work experience in all aspects of the automotive service field.
Must meet all qualifications for the appropriate license through the Illinois State Board of Education. For a list of requirements please click on the link

General Duties
• Recognize each student’s worth and dignity and strive for the educational success, including those with special needs
• Implement effective teaching and be able to indicate how his/her teaching techniques and theories meet the learning styles of each student

Teaching & Curriculum Responsibilities
• Participate in the development and implementation of program curriculum
• Organize and manage the program effectively in order that the purposes of instruction are promoted and can be achieved
• Use, when possible, a variety of appropriate techniques and methods, and select and utilize materials which are compatible with the curriculum, the educational objectives, and the needs and abilities of the students, and will
• Provide opportunities for students to plan, participate in, and evaluate program activities
• Maintain a purposeful, orderly, attractive, safe, and healthy classroom environment
• Develop and implement Program Pathways
• Develop program displays to be placed in display cases as requested by Administration
• Assist students who have problems which interfere with their learning and seek assistance of special needs personnel or administration in helping such students
• Provide assistance to special needs students and/or other students who request help
• Take an active part in job placement of students
• Make reasonable effort to maintain communication with the teachers of member school districts in articulating curriculum and instructional methods used at the Technology Campus
• Articulate the updating of instructional program and curriculum development with program advisory committees and representatives of local business and industry
• Will not discriminate because of race, religion, or sex against any student
• Accept each student as a person possessing individual worth and dignity and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when dealing with students

Professional and Community Responsibilities
• Strive to understand the practical implications of the statement of philosophy of the Technology Campus, and work to implement school goals which support the school mission
• Be in attendance and available for the fulfillment of duties during the entire school working day, unless previous arrangements have been made with Administration and/or Board
• Participate in the development of curriculum within the classroom and Technology Campus
• Serve on committees appointed by Administration for the improvement of the Technology Campus
• Utilize school equipment and supplies properly and be accountable for the physical condition of all program equipment while under his/her supervision
• Complete all necessary records and reports on time and accurately
• Attend and participate in Technology Campus faculty meetings
• Dress in a manner which will encourage neatness and high-caliber personal hygiene habits on the part of the students
• Aid the Administration in enforcing the rules of the Technology Campus
• Demonstrate respect for the profession, for effective teaching and the professional attributes, and for the competencies of his/her co-workers
• Regard personal information concerning the student or the student’s family as confidential and utilize such information only as an aid in helping to attain appropriate educational goals

Term: 9 1/2 months. Full-Time

Salary: Per the Union contract, depending on experience

Application Procedure:
To apply please click on the link

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Lake County High Schools Tech Campus

19525 W Washington, Grayslake, IL 60030-1152
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Amount per Student

State Average: $13,341 (USD)

% ELL Students

State Average: 10%

Student Teacher Ratio

State Average: 15.71

% IEP Students

State Average: 15%



State Average: 246