School Bus Driver

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Non-Instructional Support


      1.   Valid Commercial Driver’s License

  1. Minimum safe driving experience as determined by the Board.
  2. Sufficient mechanical aptitude to diagnose minor problems and make appropriate repairs.
  3. Ability to maintain passenger discipline to ensure their safety and well being and protect against vandalism.
  4. Such other qualifications of academic, professional and personal excellence as the Spotswood Board of Education may specify.
Reports to:            Transportation Supervisor or Designee
Job Goal:               To transport pupils in a safe and efficient manner and perform all activities related
                              to the operation of the school bus.
Performance Responsibilities:
1.   Conducts a pre-trip safety inspection of the bus prior to every trip.
  1. Notifies transportation supervisor of any mechanical malfunctions and/or safety hazards.
  1. Adheres to established routes, designated bus stops and keeps to assigned time schedule.
  1. Transports only authorized pupils and ensures that all students have left the bus at the end of the route.
  1. Obeys all traffic laws, observes mandatory school bus safety regulations and follows all Board of Education policies and procedures.
  1. Reports all accidents and pupil injuries immediately to the principal, school business administrator and transportation supervisor/ and completes required reports.
  1. If ticketed as a result of an accident or traffic stop by police, the bus driver will pay any fines and court costs and will attend driving safety classes if so ordered by the municipal court judge.
  1. Will not use a cell phone while the bus is turned on or in gear, either to receive calls or to make calls.  Cell phone operation on a moving vehicle is a distraction and a safety hazard.  Cell phone operation by a bus driver is only permitted if the bus is parked or at the roadside curb with the engine turned off and the bus out of gear.
  1. Participates in emergency evacuation drills in accordance with administrative code and board policy and instructs passengers regarding safety regulations and other bus rules.
  1. Performs interior bus cleaning duties daily, cleans windows and exterior as needed and refuels the vehicle.
  1. Performs light maintenance (check and replace water, antifreeze, oil and battery water; add air to tires; replace burned out bulbs, and fuels bus) as necessary.
  1. Performs such other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor and/or designee.

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