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Job Description

Job Title: Beach Manager      
Department: Recreation         
Classification: Seasonal Part-Time/Non-Exempt
Summary: Under the direction and supervision of the Lakefront Coordinator and Recreation Supervisor, the Beach Manager is responsible for the safety and supervision of the staff, lakefront, and all individuals in and around the lakefront.  Duties include managing day to day operations of the beach including the supervision of staff, beach maintenance, and maintaining the highest level of customer service.  The Beach Manager oversees staff scheduling, plays an active role in training of new staff, and the instruction of in-service training.  In addition, the Beach Manager is responsible for on-site operation of the beach in the absence of the Lakefront Coordinator.  The Beach Manager reports any information to the Lakefront Coordinator or the Recreation Supervisor.  
Qualifications: The Beach Manager must be a responsible, mature, individual who can deal with all age groups and handle crisis situations well.  The Beach Manager must be an assertive individual who upholds the procedures established by the Winnetka Park District.  The Beach Manager must have thorough knowledge of the Winnetka Park District beach rules and procedures.  In addition, must process strong knowledge of preventative lifeguarding techniques, rescue skills, first aid techniques and possess a strong knowledge of the beach attendant job responsibilities. The Beach Manager must have the ability to work harmoniously with staff members and patrons while firmly enforcing beach regulations and staff policies.  Must have the ability to instruct, assign, supervise, and evaluate the staff in the performance of their duties.  The Beach Manager must have 2 or more years experience as a lifeguard, have 20/30 binocular vision uncorrected or best corrected, have current American Red Cross certifications in Lifeguarding/Waterfront/First Aid, CPR and AED for the professional rescuer, and Administering Emergency Oxygen.  American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor certification and previous supervisory experience preferred. A commitment to continued skill development is mandatory.  A pre-placement physical and criminal background check is required.
Required Knowledge: Knowledge of American Red Cross Lifeguarding, Waterfront Lifeguarding, First Aid, Adult/Child/Infant CPR, AED use, and Emergency Oxygen is required and will be tested prior to employment.  
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Support the mission(s), goals and objectives of the park district and all departments
  2. Demonstrates ongoing commitment to providing quality parks and recreation opportunity for the residents of Winnetka
  3. Actively promotes parks and recreation within the community through open and positive lines of communication with local civic groups.
  4. Shall establish and maintain open and positive lines of communication with all park district staff, patrons and residents.
  5. Carries out the directives of the department effectively and efficiently.
  6. Adhere to all policies and practices of the Park District.
  7. Shall actively pursue continuing education and commit to ongoing skill development.
  8. Maintain a commitment to the operation of a safe and effective beach environment.
  9. Demonstrate a safety consciousness at all-time both with patrons and other staff members.
  10. Take charge and ensure that proper procedures are taken in all aquatic emergency situations.
  11. Enforce and obey all beach rules and regulations including local, county, and state health codes. 
  12. Be fair, consistent, and polite in all rule enforcement.
  13. Provide customer service to patrons by giving information regarding beach facilities, rules and regulations and beach programs.
  14. Demonstrate a positive attitude at all times when dealing with staff and patrons.
  15. Report to the beach, ready to begin no later than 30 minutes before the shift begins.
  16. Ensure that all staff members are performing duties as specified.
  17. Wear appropriate uniform at all times while on duty including fanny pack, visor, nametag, whistle, and polo.
  18. Personal cell phones are prohibited.
  19. Perform functions of a lifeguard or beach attendant when necessary.
  20. Perform or assist with rescues, CPR, first aid or other emergency procedures as necessary.
  21. Know location and proper use of all safety and rescue equipment.
  22. Complete all necessary paperwork including but not limited to incident reports, rescue reports, in-service training records, chemistry reading sheets, facility checklists, cleaning checklists, and inventory supply checklists, according to the Winnetka Park District guidelines.
  23. Develop the staff schedule on a monthly basis, seeking support from the Lakefront Coordinator when necessary
  24. Assist staff and collect timesheets on a bi-weekly basis. After approving them, submit them to the Lakefront Coordinator.
  25. Report any irregular discipline, safety, maintenance, or other problems to the Lakefront Coordinator or the Recreation Supervisor.
  26. Coordinate, instruct, and record weekly in-service training for all staff members on duty according to the American Red Cross and the Winnetka Park District guidelines.
  27. Perform daily inventory of supplies and daily inspection of facilities and safety equipment.  Notify Lakefront Coordinator or Recreation Supervisor when supplies are low or in need of repair or replacement.
  28. Provide new staff orientation and training according to the Winnetka Park District guidelines.
  29. Assist in planning and implementing ongoing staff incentive programs.
  30. Complete evaluations of Lifeguards and Beach Attendants at the end of the season and have them approved by the Lakefront Coordinator
  31. Attend and participate in staff meetings and trainings.
  32. Supervise and perform basic cleaning and maintenance at the beach, beach house, and bathrooms to ensure a safe and clean environment.
  33. Secure a qualified substitute for any assigned shift when unable to work.
  34. Act as a representative of the Winnetka Park District as a role model for all beach staff.  Actions must reflect policies and procedures set by the Park District.
  35. Perform other duties assigned by the Lakefront Coordinator or Recreation Supervisor.
  36. Discipline staff according to Winnetka Park District guidelines and be in communication with the Lakefront Coordinator when disciplining staff.
  37. Demonstrate professionalism at all times.
  38. Shall proactively perform all job tasks within the rules and guidelines of the District's safety program.
Marginal Activities:
  1. Assist with special events as deemed necessary by the Winnetka Park District.
Supervision Received:
The Beach Manager is under the direction and supervision of the Lakefront Coordinator and the Recreation Supervisor.
Supervision Given:
The Beach Manager directly supervises all Lifeguards and all Beach Attendants. The Beach Manager may at times, provide guidance to Head Lifeguards.
Psychological Consideration:
The Beach Manager must work closely with co-workers, subordinates, and the public, as well as demonstrate a respectful demeanor towards members of the management team. The Beach Manager must be able to handle difficult situations and emergency situations.
Physiological Considerations:
The Beach Manager must be able to swim 550 yards and respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations. The Beach Manager must be able to handle jobs tasks that require speed and accuracy.
Environmental Considerations:
The Beach Manager must be able to work in hot and humid conditions, as well as various other weather conditions, including, but not limited to cold weather and rain. The Beach Manager must have the ability to pay attention to potential threatening weather situations and make decisions when the area is unsafe for patrons.
Cognitive Considerations:
The Beach Manager must be able to use good decision making skills at all times and have the ability to respond to patrons and staff with a positive and at times, a stern demeanor. The Beach Manager must be able to demonstrate and use proper communication skills at all times.
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