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Health Assistant Substitutes needed periodically at school buildings, $10.20/hour

  1. Administer first aid and dispense medication to students according to district policy and procedures for the purpose of meeting immediate health care needs.
  2. Perform specialized treatments as delegated by the School Nurse (e.g. nebulizer treatments, oxygen application, blood sugar tests, etc,) for the purpose of providing for and monitoring students’ medical needs and/or testing at school site.
  3. Supervise students referred for illness and/or injury for the purpose of monitoring their care and maintaining order in the health room.
  4. Maintain and store medications according to school policies and the State of Colorado standards.
  5. Assist and participate in the implementation of the communicable disease or health service programs and mandated screenings (i.e. hearing, vision, fluoride treatment, etc.) for the purpose of meeting state and district requirements.  Communicate with parents to follow up with vision, hearing and immunization needs.
  6. Communicate effectively with School Nurse, staff and parents regarding ill or injured students or student health care needs and concerns for the purpose of referring students in need of further medical/dental treatment.
  7. Report to School Nurse regarding student major illness, serious injury, hospitalization, communicable disease, repeated absences and repeated office visits.
  8. Report incidents (e.g. fights, suspected child abuse, weapons, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining the personal safety of students and providing a positive learning environment while adhering to applicable laws, district policies, and procedures.
  9. Maintain and organize health room and work areas (cleanliness, medication and first aid supplies, inventory, etc.) for the purpose of providing adequate supplies and a sanitary, safe environment.
  10. Accurately document, update and maintain student health information for the purpose of providing information required by legal and professional standards.  Written or electronic records may include, but are not limited to: health plans, health records, medical emergency cards, office visits, medication administration, immunizations, student charts and communications such as phone calls.
  11. Perform recordkeeping, record transmission and clerical functions under strict confidentiality for the purpose of supporting health services staff.
  12. Participate in training to learn current laws and best practices to provide the best possible care for staff and students.
Qualifications and Education Requirements:
  1. Skills to perform multiple, non-technical tasks with a need to occasionally update skills in order to meet changing job conditions. Specific skills required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: handling hazardous materials, using software applications, preparing and maintaining accurate records, operating standard office equipment, and adhering to safety practices.
  2. Knowledge to perform basic math, understand written procedures, write routine documents, and speak clearly. Understand complex, multi-step written and oral instructions. Specific knowledge required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: medication administration, health standards and hazards, safety practices and procedures.
  3. Ability to gather and/or collate data and use job-related equipment. Flexibility to work with others in a variety of circumstances. Work with data utilizing specific, defined processes and operate equipment using defined methods. Ability to work with diverse individuals. Problem solving is required in working with others to identify issues and create action plans.  Problem solving with data requires following prescribed guidelines. Ability to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job including maintaining confidentiality and communicating with school age children.
  4. High school diploma or equivalent; preferably higher education in health care field.

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