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Instructional Support


A paraprofessional at a college preparatory charter high school assists, supports, and works closely with teachers, administrators, and other team members in providing educational benefit for students.

Job Summary: 

  • Works with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of materials or skills initially introduced and outlined by certified staff.
  • Assists the certified staff in devising special strategies for reinforcing learning materials and skills based on a sympathetic understanding of individual students, their needs, interests, and abilities.
  • Monitors work, corrects papers, and supervises curriculum-based testing and makeup work as assigned by the certified staff.
  • Performs clerical, classroom maintenance, and instructional duties as assigned by the certified staff.
  • Alerts the certified staff to any problem or special information about an individual student.
  • Performs assigned supervision of students during lunch periods, passing periods, and on field trips.
  • When requested, serves as a resource person to the General Education Intervention Team and/or IEP Team.
  • Demonstrates ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students in school environment and community.
  • Participates in in-service training programs as approved.
  • Performs other such duties / assignments as directed by the certified staff.
  • Assists as directed by certified staff in the effort to successfully maintain students with special needs in an integrated setting, as determined by the IEP Team.
  • Effectively collects student data and documentation.
  • Attends weekly staff meetings.
  • Serves on staff committees, IEP teams, Intervention Assistance Teams, grade level teams, and curriculum teams as required.
  • Assists with a one hour after-school elective once per week (electives are based on teacher/student interest).
  • Available to students one hour, twice per week for after-school tutoring.
  • Assists with student hallway, lunch room, and/or parking lot monitoring before, during, and/or after school as assigned by administration.
  • Meet Michigan paraprofessional requirements
  • B.A.
  • Michigan Teacher Certification (preferred)

Application Procedure:
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Selection Procedure:
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