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Position: Dean of Culture 
Reports to:  Building Principal
Employment Status: Regular/Full-time
Status: Qualified 
Contract Days: 210

Description: Establish a safe, structured learning environment for all students; establish a sound and fair relationship with all students; assist the Principal in all aspects of running the building; coordinate student attendance and behavior.  

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Designs and implements a program to build a culture of positivity and to increase student engagement 
  • Works with Students, Families, and Teachers to address specific and systemic barriers to improve student success 
  • Facilitates professional development for staff with attention to developing classroom management skills to promote engagement in the learning environment of each classroom
  • Collaborates with the building principal to facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive 3-tiered support system to meet all students' social and, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs
  • Works with teachers to develop and implement student behavioral interventions for attendance/engagement issues, addressing the needs of all students and expanding and enhancing a supportive learning environment
  • Assists in developing building procedures for student engagement and behavior to improve learning opportunities for all students
  • Monitors student attendance and behavior to enhance individual students’ learning
  • Attends professional development training opportunities to stay informed and enhance professional knowledge
  • Study and evaluate areas of student concern, such as attendance, behavior, and socio economic barriers 
  • Act as liaison with the juvenile court system regarding student attendance or behavior issues
  • Contribute to school publications 
  • Participate in community events/activities
  • Participate in the development and review of the total school program
  • Participate in building team meetings
  • Manage the PBIS program and initiatives  
  • Develop programs to decrease student referrals 
  • Work collaboratively with intervention managers to develop an intervention plan for students 
  • Perform any duties assigned by the Principal or Superintendent  

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist with orientation of new students to the district
  • Assist with end-of-year inventories and process
  • Assist with student bus issues regarding behavior 
  • Work collaboratively with school leaders to create student events and assemblies to promote testing, building initiatives, and exposure experiences. 
  • Assist with chaperons and security for co-curricular events
  • Assist building leaders with the development, implementation and coordination of “at-risk ”programs for students
  • Assist with the coordination of school connected organizations
  • Assist with the coordination of the alternative learning programs
  • Assist with the coordination of student activities
  • Serve as a role model for students in how to conduct themselves as citizens and as responsible, intelligent human beings
  • Instill in students the belief in and practice of ethical principles and democratic values
  • Respond to routine questions and requests in an appropriate manner
  • Make contacts with the public with tact and diplomacy
  • Maintain respect at all times for confidential information, e.g., discussions, personnel information, lawsuit information, IEP, discipline
  • Interact in a positive manner with staff, students, parents and community
  • Promote good public relations by personal appearance, attitude and conversation
  • Attend meetings and in-services as required


•    Bachelor's degree required, Master's degree preferred 
•    3-5 Years of experience in an educational setting

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to work effectively with others
  • Ability to communicate ideas and directives clearly and effectively both orally and in writing
  • Effective, active listening skills
  • Organizational and problem solving skills
  • Basic first aid and CPR knowledge
  • Background in education
  • Knowledge and skill in reducing student absenteeism
  • Excellent motivational skills 

This job description is subject to change and in no manner states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed by the incumbent. The incumbent will be required to follow the instructions and perform the duties required by the incumbent’s supervisor, appointing authority.

About Our District:

The Garfield Heights City Schools collaboratively and cooperatively serve students and families of the City of Garfield Heights. Located in Cuyahoga County and bordered on the north by the City of Cleveland proper, and on all other sides by the first ring communities of Northeast Ohio. Our District proudly serves approximately 3,500 students in three Kindergarten through Grade 5 schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district also provides an award-winning Preschool program to educate the youngest students in our community at William Foster Elementary. All those who seek academic, co-curricular, student leadership, diversity, and community engagement success, can find these things and more in the Garfield Heights City Schools.

As a product of our community-based strategic planning process completed in 2021, our district’s mission is: As the heart of the community, Garfield Heights City Schools fully prepares students to pursue their dreams and give back as engaged citizens and future leaders. Our vision is: to become a premier educational institution, recognized throughout Ohio as fully preparing students to be leaders equipped with real-world skills to contribute to a global society.

The Garfield Heights City School prides itself on providing a rigorous and comprehensive pre-k through 12th-grade educational curriculum that clearly focuses on student success through college and career readiness. To that end, Garfield Heights High School offers a variety of Advanced Placement courses, including AP English, AP Government, AP American History, Honors Chemistry, Honors Calculus, Honors Physical Science, and more. While the District offers these high-level academic courses, the GHCS also proudly sends more than 225 students on an annual basis to the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center for those individuals deeply interested in learning a skilled profession or hands-on expertise in one of the trades. Middle School students have increasingly greater opportunities to prepare themselves for high school and parents are readily encouraged to be involved. Elementary School students in the GHCS also participate in such valuable literacy programs as LETRs and social/emotional initiatives as the Zones of Regulation. The GHCS places a great deal of emphasis at all levels of education on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (P.B.I.S.) and each school has won awards from the State of Ohio for encouraging and promoting positive behavior.

A wide variety of co-curricular offerings are available to students of all ages in the Garfield Heights City Schools as well. Such opportunities include more than 18 varsity sports, the district’s show choir, Music Express, Marching Band, Theater, A ‘Capella Choir, National Honor Society, Student Council, Glass Ceiling, Future Engineers, and more. These co-curricular offerings are award-winning on the state, regional and local levels. Students can expect success when they become involved in the various academic, co-curricular, and student leadership organizations in this District.

What is Equity?

Equity is the collective responsibility of intentionally creating and maintaining a system that ensures opportunity, access, advancement and a sense of belonging for ALL, by:

  • Eliminating barriers and unjust structures that obstruct individual successes
  • Creating a community of acceptance
  • Providing resources to address students’ needs

Garfield Heights City Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, genetic information, race, color, age, religion, disabilities, military status, sexual orientation, or national origin in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities. 

Application Deadline: Until position has been filled.

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