Lunchroom Monitor at Coder Elementary School (2024-2025 School Year)

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Position Areas
Non-Instructional Support


This position is part time, the hours are 10:00 - 1:30 M-F
Compensation $15.00 an hour

Job Description

Reports to:     Principal at Coder Elementary School

Primary Function:
Responsible for monitoring student behavior during meal service.  Assists with the cleanliness of the cafeteria, assists with recycling, and assists with the flow of meal service.
Work is performed under the general supervision of the principal.

Minimum/Required Qualifications:
-     Able to follow instructions and complete tasks efficiently.
-     Physically able to perform duties assigned at sufficent speed.
-     Effective communication skills.

Desired Qualifications:
-     Functional skills in reading and writing English.
-     Knowledge of proper food safety and sanitation procedures for food service.
-     Mature ability to use judgment and be dependable.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
-     Manages students during meal service (behavior problems will be referred to the teacher or principal according to guidelines established by the individual school site).
-     Communicates with students and school staff in a positive and professional manner utilizing appropriate customer service and interpersonal skills.
-     Circulate throughout the cafeteria or in areas where meals are served and/or assisting students who need assistance.
-     Assists with the cleanliness of the cafeteria.
-     Dismisses classes in an orderly manner at the scheduled time.
-     Encourage good table manners.
-     Participates in training sessions and meetings.
-     Performs other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:
      Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
      Duties are performed typically in settings related to the cafeteria.  Work is typically performed when walking or standing.  Frequent walking, standing, lifting, up to approximately 15 pounds.  Other physical activities are requried, such as, but not limited
      to bending, stooping, reaching, and grasping.  Occasional movement of students by wheelchairs and other mechanical devices may be required.  Lunchroom monitors are in daily contact with teachers, students, administration, the general public,
      and other work related personnel.  The ability to express a service-oriented attitude, and work cooperatively with others is essential.

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