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TITLE: Speech Therapist
QUALIFICATIONS: South Carolina certification as a Speech Language Pathologist
REPORTS TO: Principal
JOB GOAL: To provide appropriate service to students identified as having speech and/or language disorder delay.
  1. Implements a screening program to identify speech and language disabled children at regular intervals and at specified levels as mandated by state and federal law.
  2. Informs and assists teachers in observing, describing, and referring suspected and identified speech and language disorders.
  3. Performs a thorough assessment and diagnosis of speech and language disorders when indicated.
  4. Develops appropriate individualized programs of therapy to meet individual studentst needs whose goal is to remediate speech and/or language disorders.
  5. Implements a remediation program to meet the goals outlined for speech and language handicapped children in the IEP.
  6. Maintains comprehensive and up-to-date records for students receiving speech and language services according to state guidelines.
  7. Provides information, support, and counseling to parents and families when appropriate.
  8. Assists in proper referrals of individuals to agencies and specialists in the community as appropriate.
  9. Contacts teachers and other school staff members to suggest daily carryover activities in the classroom.
  10. Provides in-service education and serves as a consultmt to teachers and school staff members on topics concerning speech and language development and disorders.
  11. Serves as a resource to school staff members in the development of an oral communication and speech improvement proyams.
  12. Maintains lists of screened, referred, enrolled and eligible students, as well as a directory of outside agencies, consultants, specialists, and related services.
  13. Assumes primary responsibility for requisitioning and maintaining needed equipment, materials and supplies.
  14. Participates in projects and programs, such as Child Find, Kindergarten preregistration, Head Start, etc. as requested and indicated.
  15. Performs such other tasks as may from time to time be assigned by the principal for the effective operation of the speech program.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:           190 days. Salary and benefits to be determined by the Board.
EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.
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