Assistant Football Coach (Fall 2024)

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Description: Assistant Football Coach (Fall 2024)

Job Summary:

1. Assist with responsibility for the program which includes: 

a. Coaching the program 

b. Implements district athletic department policies. 

2. Works with the Varsity Coach, MSD Athletic Director, Athletic Coordinator and Principal 

a. Communicating the game schedule.

b. Communication of travel for out-of-town trips. 

c. Verification of student physical examination/Family ID requirements of the high school.  

3. Remains with students and supervises them while traveling to away competitions. 

4. Cares for athletes and injured athletes. 

5. Cares for, maintains and oversees the storage of all equipment and uniforms.

6. Maintains a positive staff relationship with other coaches.

7. Performs other duties as assigned by the Varsity Coach,  MSD Athletic Director/Athletic Coordinator and Principal.

8. Communicates with players about personal development during the season as well as the off-season. 

9. Holds meetings with parents to inform them about the program as well as your expectations of them and the players. 

10. Leads by example regarding promotion of sportsmanship. 

11. Promotes the entire program by encouraging participation of players of the upcoming season. 

12. Apply and enforce student discipline during athletic contests, practice sessions, and while on trips off school property in accordance with Student Code of Conduct and student handbook.


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