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Position Areas


Head Coach for Athletic Teams
Requirements for the Position
1.     Demonstrated knowledge and competence in the sport(s) involved
2.     Prior coaching experience in the sport(s) involved preferred
3.     Demonstrated ability to work effectively with students
4.     Pennsylvania certification in a related subject or special area preferred
5.     School district employee or district resident preferred
6.     Maintain up-to-date certificate in CPR
7.     The individual’s credentials are in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations governing individuals functioning in the capacity of this position
Major Responsibilities
1.     Team equipment and supplies
2.     Team transportation and scheduling needs
3.     Team practices and competitions
4.     Program development and school-community relations
Duties and Responsibilities
1.   Consult with the Athletic Director in matters involving athletic procedures
2.   Secure permission from the Athletic Director to begin practice
3.   Secure all pertinent data on each student who is participating in a sport before practice begins.  (Data is spelled out in the athletic policy book.)
4.   Be responsible for the proper use, care and marking of all equipment used in each sport.
5.   Inventory all equipment and submit data to the Athletic Director as requested.
6.   Request equipment needed from the Athletic Director
7.   Assist the Athletic Director in making schedules
8.   Be responsible to see that all team members have left the building before leaving the building
9.   Check condition and cleanliness of the locker room
10.   Report immediately any condition that needs cooperative action to the Athletic      Director
11.   Instruct athletes concerning the insurance program and the procedures to follow in reporting the need for insurance services
12.   Make transportation needs known on Wednesday for the next week to the Athletic Director
13.   Be familiar with the extra-curricular transportation schedule; make plans so that there will be a minimum change in the schedule
14.   Be responsible to see that all athletes conform to the transportation policy
15.   Certify to the Athletic Director those athletes who are to receive awards.
16.   Submit requests for transportation money, meals, etc., at least seven (7) days prior to the need to the Athletic Director and then to the principal for approval
17.   Stress those qualities of conduct and sportsmanship that should be a part of the scholar- athlete
18.   Request, in conjunction with the Athletic Director, competent medical services for injured team members as needed.
19.   Teach the techniques and skills of the sport
20.   Ensure the safety and welfare of participants at all times
21.   Gain the respect and cooperation of the members of the team
22.   Provide each student with the motivation and skill necessary to achieve his potential
23.   Conduct themselves in a professional, ethical and sportsman-like manner at all times
24.   Provide proper supervision of team members at all times
25.   Effectively utilize their assistants
26.   Provide each assistant with a written list of assigned duties and responsibilities
27.   Assure such responsibilities as may be assigned by the Athletic Director or Principal
Evaluation and Appointment
1.     Head coaches for athletic teams shall be evaluated annually by the Athletic Director and Building Principal.
2.     Head coaches for athletic teams shall be appointed annually.
Revision 6/22/92, 8/19/96, 8/24/98, 11/3/08

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