Fifth Grade Teacher of ELA and SS

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1.      High School Diploma or equivalent.

2.      Valid Driver's License.

3.      Appropriate State of Ohio Teaching License.

4.      Satisfactory report from Criminal Records check.

5.      Good health, high moral character, and good attendance record.

6.      Demonstrates a sincere desire to aid all students.

7.      Plans, implements and assesses instructions designed to develop students abilities to use certain skills, apply core concepts,

         become self sufficient individuals, responsible team members, think and solve problems and integrate knowledge.

8.      Assesses student learning using a variety of tools.  Communicates results to students, parents, and staff.

9.      Creates a learning climate that supports student achievement and safety.

10.    Evaluates teaching effectiveness based on student achievement in relation to student attainment of goals.

11.    Uses technology to support instruction; access and manipulate data; enhance student academic growth.

12.    Adheres to school, district, state and federal policies, regulations and laws.


Note:  Edgewood is an equal opportunity employer;  no one is denied employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, ancestry, or age.  Direct all inquiries to the Personnel Department, Edgewood Cit School District, 3500 Busenbark Road, Trenton, OH  45067.  The Edgewood Board of Education complies with all laws relative to employment.

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